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How do we get to know you?

Apprentices, undergraduates and graduates

Our assessment process is your chance to show us your true self. Our step-by-step process helps us understand who you are, how you’ll fit into our team and how far your potential could take you. Let’s take a look at how it works.

If you require support or adjustments to the recruitment process, there will be an opportunity for you to let us know what you need once you begin the application process.

Closing deadlines:

Please be aware, if a particular opportunity becomes oversubscribed, we will close it for applications before the stated deadline. We recommend you submit your full application as early as possible.
  • Graduate Programme, Summer Vacation Scheme and Industrial Placement for all career paths: August 2022​
  • BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship Programme: November 2021 – 16th May 2022​
  • Entry Level Apprenticeship Programme: November 2021 – 16th May 2022
  • Spring Into Deloitte: 1st November – 17th December 2021
  • Career Shapers: 1st November 2021 - 16th May 2022​
  • SAICA Graduate Training Programme: 4 January 2022 – 7 March 2022

Supporting your recruitment experience

We are committed to having a more diverse workforce through representation of society in our own workplace. If you have a disability, health condition and/or are neurodiverse and may benefit from some adjustments and support then just ask; we don’t want our hiring process to be a barrier for you. Our recruiters will work with you to learn more about your support needs and identify reasonable adjustments that will help you to be at your best and have a more personalised experience. So you know, we won’t require you to provide proof to support your request; we trust you. Just look out for the support need question as part of the application process.


Keeping it simple

Whether you’re applying for an apprenticeship, work experience during the summer holidays, or a year’s placement, or you want to join our graduate scheme, our assessment process is effectively the same.

If you're applying for a graduate or apprentice programme in the Channel Islands, our assessment process is slightly different.Please click here.

Step 1: Apply Online

Top Tip: “Have your qualification details to hand before you begin, such as GCSEs and A Levels.” Jason, Early Careers Recruitment team

The first step is telling us a little about yourself (it should only take around 20 minutes). We’ve put together a set of questions that’ll ask you about who you are, your education and your experience.

Depending on which programme you’re applying for, you may also be asked which business area you’d like to choose. This isn’t an assessment, you’ll just be given information about what you’d do day-to-day and the professional qualification you’d take.

Minimum qualifications

We care about people and understand that everyone has something unique to offer. We’ve designed our application process to assess everyone’s merits in the context of their educational and personal circumstances. We do have entry requirements, but we’re happy to adjust them to reflect certain situations. If you feel you fall into this category, please submit your full application form and we’ll take everything into consideration. Usually, you should have, or be on track for:

  • GCSEs Maths grade 5 and English grade 4 to apply for all programmes
  • Plus 104 UCAS points for BrightStart, Year 12 (NI Year 13 and Scotland S5) Careers Shapers and Graduate Programmes.
  • Plus a 2:1 degree for Graduate Programmes, which include our Full Time Graduate programme, Industrial Placement, Summer Vacation Scheme and Spring into Deloitte.
(Pre-2017: grades B, C & 260 UCAS points). This can vary, so please see our Academic Requirements page or our job descriptions for full details.

Keep your candidate ID safe

You’ll get a unique candidate ID number when you submit your form. You’ll need to quote this every time you get in touch with us about your application. This can be found in the top left corner of your account area.

You’ll go straight through to Step 2.

Step 2: Immersive Online Assessment

Top Tip: “When rank ordering your preferred responses to a situation, go with your gut instinct, don’t try to second guess what it is we might be looking for.” Karen, Early Careers Recruitment team

Get to know us, while we get to know you. This stage will give you a real idea of what life is like working at Deloitte. We’ll ask you to look at some possible work scenarios and answer honestly how you’d respond, ranking options from your most to least likely actions. In addition to this, there will also be questions that ask you about your preferred working style, as well as some multiple-choice questions based on further information given to you.

We want to see the real you. So, please answer every question as honestly as possible. This will help us assess how your individual strengths could help you succeed here. There’s no time limit, but it does need to be completed in one go (so please make sure you’ve got around 40 minutes free before you begin).

We know how important feedback is

Following the assessment, you’ll receive a bespoke feedback report about your individual strengths and abilities. This is not the outcome of your assessment, but it will provide you with valuable advice on how to develop your skills and make the most of your potential.

You’ll know within a few days if your assessment didn’t meet our benchmarks. If it did, we’ll consider your full application and get back to you within 2 weeks.

We know that there are websites providing services to assist with completing our assessment process. These websites are not associated with Deloitte and hold incorrect information about our recruitment process. For support and information about Deloitte and our process, please use our official channels including this website, social media, our events and newsletters. If you have any queries or concerns about this, you can contact Deloitte directly via our online helpdesk. Please be advised that we do conduct regular reviews of applications to identify any fraudulent activity.

Step 3: Job Simulation

Top Tip: “Find a comfortable and quiet place to complete the assessment, make sure any housemates or family members also know you are taking an assessment – the last thing you want on your video response is a cameo appearance!” Parm, Early Careers Recruitment team

The closest you can get to a face to face interview without actually meeting us. Our online video assessment is as challenging as it is enjoyable. You’ll be answering questions across a variety of formats, spanning written, video, multiple choice and ranking. Each question relates to the work you’d be doing at Deloitte, so it’s a great opportunity to test yourself and get a real idea of how well you’d perform in a role with us.

Our advice is to treat this like a face-to-face interview.

  • Choose clothes you’d wear to work
  • Take time to prepare
  • Use the practice questions at the start of the assessment to get used to the technology

After you’ve completed this stage, you'll receive an email letting you know how you did within 4 weeks.

Spring into Deloitte applicants

If you’re a ‘Spring into Deloitte’ applicant, this is where your application process ends. We’ll let you know if you’ve been successful as soon as possible.

Step 4: Final Stage Assessment

Top Tip: “Our assessors are here to get the best out of you, they are not trying to trip you up or trick you, remember they want you to do well.” Deepti, Early Careers Recruitment team

The final stage of your assessment involves a live video interview with a senior person from the business area you’ve applied to join. For selected roles, you’ll also be asked to do a short presentation. Don’t worry, if this applies to you, you’ll get all the details beforehand to allow plenty of time to prepare. For some roles, you’ll also be invited to complete a group exercise over a live video conference call. ​

Our Final Stage Assessment Preparation Guide will provide you with more information about what’s involved as well as lots of hints and tips on how to prepare.

Summer Vacation Scheme

If you’re applying for SVS, you’ll also have a live video interview with a team member from the business area and office you’ve applied to. This will be slightly different as we’ll focus on your motivations for choosing the scheme and business area. We’ll also ask some questions that should help highlight your strengths. These interviews usually last 30 to 40 minutes.

We don’t like to keep anyone waiting, so we aim to provide outcomes as soon as possible. You should hear from us within 1 week of your Final Stage Assessment.

Your feedback or offer

Whether we’re telling you that you’ve been successful or we’re giving you some advice on how to improve for next time, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. We always do our best to communicate with you throughout the process too.

Getting a job offer

If your final stage assessment is successful, we’ll offer you a job and your exciting journey with us really begins.

If you’re not successful this time

You may have been unsuccessful for all sorts of reasons. So, be sure to ask for feedback from your Early Careers Recruitment contact, who can provide useful advice and pointers to help you at future interviews. You’re always welcome to reapply as well — Although we only accept one application per intake or academic year (September-August).

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