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What you can do in Consulting

Consulting is about making positive change happen. You’re there to guide your clients to the best possible business decisions. Whether they’re facing a specific problem or grasping new opportunities, from technology innovations to operational transformation. You’ll help them shape the ideas, strategies and actions they need to succeed, now and for an ever-more-digital future. You’ll work collaboratively on every project. And have opportunities to work with all kinds of organisations, from start-ups to government departments to major international brands. Developing a wide set of skills and knowledge, your career will be as fascinating and rewarding as it is impactful.


Career options

“I’ve been able to follow my passions, decide my career path, and ultimately grow in confidence..”
Lowri, Strategy and M&A Analyst

When you join us in Consulting, you open up a whole world of career options. Because we don’t define our people by job title or business area, we look at all your strengths, skills and potential and help you develop in a direction that’s right for you. Whatever your day-to-day role, you’ll start on one of seven Career Paths, each offering its own distinct, tailored learning and support.

Actuarial Analyst
You’ll join an area of our business that’s renowned for technical quality and thought leadership, providing actuarial and quantitative modelling services to all kinds of clients. You could be working with global insurers, international banks, Lloyd’s market syndicates, small insurers without their own actuaries, and others.  At the heart of this career path is spotting patterns in data and using your analytical skills to derive and communicate valuable insights. Helping clients understand their future insurance, and related, liabilities. You’ll use cutting edge techniques, from data visualisation to machine learning and AI.

Our Actuaries are usually part of Human Capital in Consulting, where we’re an integral part of our client’s transformation journeys. But you could find yourself working with specialists from across the firm, in Transaction Services, Risk Advisory and Audit & Assurance.

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Business Transformation Analyst
Business transformation is about helping our clients find solutions to their most complex challenges. To do this, you’ll analyse data, leverage new technologies, and collaborate with client and Deloitte teams across all major industries. Projects can range from helping a manufacturer optimise their processes to delivering new operating models for a major financial sector brand.

Roles here are many and varied. They include anything from programme managers, to data analysts, to functional business analysts. And the learning opportunities on offer are just as diverse. To prepare you for project life, you’ll first join our analyst induction training programme, then you’ll have lots of further training, driven by your service line, project alignments, and personal goals. You’ll have opportunities to develop all kinds of new skills and gain professional certificates and diplomas throughout your career.

Discover how Business Transformation Analysts fit within Deloitte
Data & AI Analyst 
The world is changing, fast. Competitors come out of nowhere, governments and regulators need faster and better insight, customers are demanding a more personalised experienced, and volumes of data are doubling every two years. You’ll serve as a trusted advisor, helping our clients make intelligent decisions about how to consistently succeed in their market. You’ll partner with board-level clients to design and execute data-driven programmes that transform their businesses, working with some of the most innovative technologies around.

You will be part of a diverse team that challenges itself to provide simple solutions to complex problems. You will deliver innovative business outcomes, working alongside some of the greatest minds around. Together, you’ll work across our clients’ businesses, spanning key functions such as Sales, Marketing, Finance and Technology, working to articulate their strategies, define solutions and deliver world class analytical solutions.

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Design Analyst
If you’re passionate about designing exceptional, human-centred experiences, this could be you. You’ll take unmet customer needs and complex business problems and transform these into intuitive, exciting digital products and services that engage all types of customers – and create long-lasting value for our clients. Working across multiple design crafts like service design, research, UX, visual design and content, you’ll use creativity and best-practice design tools, such as Sketch, Adobe, and Figma, to create high quality assets that support digital transformation for our clients across industries.

What connects all our designers is a passion for learning about the world and what drives human behaviour. They’re focused on the future, excited by emerging trends that inspire change, and actively involved in our Experience Design (XD) practice. In this dynamic environment, you’ll collaborate, experiment, and work alongside specialists in other design crafts, and across our firm.  You’ll also be exposed to a number of learning and development opportunities to help you grow as a designer.

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Junior Developer
Our junior developers join us as keen coders, who aspire to a career in software engineering. Whether you’ve coded as part of a course, on personal projects, or just for fun, if you’re actively trying to improve your skills, this is where you want to be.

With us, you’ll get to work on major programmes, with diverse teams and cutting-edge technologies, to help transform the way our clients do business. It’s a fantastic opportunity to deliver tangible, positive change for public, private and financial sector organisations. You’ll also gain a wealth of experience. From Agile methods, such as Scrum and Kanban, to programming languages, including Java, HTML, CSS, React, Angular, Vue, Python, .NET, JavaScript, and Terraform, to cloud technologies, like AWS and Azure.

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Strategy and M&A Analyst
People who join this career path are driven by curiosity. A desire to discover; to probe a client's business, challenge assumptions, and to know what the future holds. You’ll use data and creativity to solve deeply complex problems, working across multiple industries and sectors.

Gaining diverse experience, exploring what worked well elsewhere, and finding those fascinating patterns, is a hugely rewarding aspect of this career path. You’ll be using this knowledge to help businesses make some of the most important decisions they’re faced with, on everything from organic growth to mergers to new product innovations. You’ll work closely with clients from day one and can expect to progress quickly, as well as enjoying a vast range of learning and development opportunities.

Discover how Strategy and M&A Analysts fit within Deloitte

Technology Transformation Analyst 
Supporting clients on their technology transformation journeys, you’ll help solve their trickiest problems, and improve the way they do business. This means having the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies, of every kind, across all major industries. On this varied and exciting career path, your projects could range from implementing bespoke software in a Public Sector organisation, to deploying a market-leading vendor platform for a household name in Financial Services.

As a Technology Transformation Analyst you will rapidly learn and apply core consulting skills, with a passion for using new technology to help organisations run better and change faster. The broad foundation of training you’ll receive will prepare you for a huge variety of consulting project roles, that all help connect business with technology – from business analysts that gather and understand the client’s requirements, to project managers that know how to get the best out of creative, high-performing technical teams. You will also have great opportunities through project experience and further training to develop specialist knowledge in the areas that interest you.

Discover how Technology Transformation Analysts fit within Deloitte

Explore Consulting

“ Working in Consulting you get to really see the ‘ins and outs’ of businesses and there’s always that ‘future-focused’ element. I find that fascinating.”
Alex, Business Transformation Analyst

In Consulting, you’ll get to work on some of the most complex challenges our clients are tackling. Here are just two examples of projects our people have been involved in.

Reducing food waste with Plan ZHeroes

Plan ZHeroes (PZ) is a London based charity that’s helping combat food waste. We built them a platform for local businesses to post their surplus food and charities to collect and use it. PZ has since redistributed over 130 tonnes of produce that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. The solution is so scalable and flexible PZ is now operating in cities across the UK. We’re continuing to update and improve the platform.

Transforming HR through the employee experience

One of the world’s largest broadcasting companies wanted to deliver an exceptional employee experience as part of their firm-wide digital transformation programme, by making it easier for its people to access HR support and complete daily tasks. As well as reviewing and redesigning their HR Operating Model and organisational structure, we introduced a range of innovative solutions, from enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, to mobile access to HR systems, to live chat. Our programme was successfully rolled out across 37 countries and has enhanced the experience of over 7,000 of the broadcaster’s employees.

UK Bank IT Transformation

A UK bank needed a whole new approach to their IT. So, they asked us to scope, cost, plan, govern and deliver a transformation programme. A diverse team from across Consulting and Financial Advisory worked together on the strategy and solutions. This included creating a new, revenue-generating, cross-border bulk payments product that’s unique in the market and now forms the core of the bank’s future business model. With our help, they’ve been able to start a multi-year programme and deliver numerous key projects simultaneously, while considerably reducing their manual effort and errors.

“Deloitte has an exciting and forward-thinking culture.”
Ayo, Business Operations

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s delivering bold new solutions to our clients, offering world-class development opportunities to our people, or improving how we work internally, everyone’s always encouraged to think; how could we do this better?

Just one example is that we’ve recently digitised the processes our new joiners have to go through, transforming their experience. Not only has it given our new colleagues nearly half a day of their time back, the environment has benefitted too; over 100,000 pieces of paper have been saved so far.

“I have grown immensely, both professionally and personally.”
Lowri, Strategy and M&A Analyst

Your career in Consulting at Deloitte will be about more than solving clients’ problems. You’re sure to make a positive impact for wider society too. As well as being encouraged and enabled to volunteer, you’ll be working on projects day-to-day that touch many people’s lives.

One example includes our work with Save the Children. We’ve helped them respond more effectively to humanitarian crises, by providing the HR technology to track assignments and highlight where best to send resources. They’re now able to mobilise the right emergency teams faster.

You could also be helping the world meet its Sustainable Development Goals, if you join our ongoing, planet-saving project in collaboration with SAP, HP and the UN Global Compact. There are so many opportunities to make a real impact here.

What do our people say?

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Design Analyst
“I enjoy being in such an inclusive and diverse environment, as it helps me to create the best outcomes for all my projects.”

Tell us more about what you do

I design websites and mobile apps for banks and other organisations that can help them to support their customers and employees. I love the variety of my job and because of the wide range of projects, I can really hone in on what I enjoy doing. At the moment I am exploring how to elevate a well-known bank’s mobile experience. We’re using industry leading software and have incredibly talented people working hard on the project.

What are your biggest challenges and how does Deloitte support you?

As a designer, imposter syndrome hits hard and often, but my colleagues and people leader help pull me out of these low points. They always set me back on track and help me see the value I bring. I enjoy being in such an inclusive and diverse environment, as it helps me to create the best outcomes for all my projects. I feel supported to follow my goals, and work the way I want to. If I ever wanted to pivot and change my career path, I’m surrounded by people that would help me do that.

How have you progressed since joining?

At Deloitte, I’ve attended several design conferences, taken part in lots of different courses on a wide range of topics and I’ve also been encouraged to follow interests outside of my main career to help me develop personally. Since joining the firm my communication skills have increased, I’ve gained a greater understanding of the different ways I like to work, and I’ve improved my presentation and public speaking skills.

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Data Analyst
“I enjoy the energy and drive that comes with the work I’m currently doing. There is a sense of responsibility and challenge which makes it more exciting.”

How do you explain your job to your friends and family?

My office works on experience analytics and implementing CRM (customer relationship management) tools to enrich customer experience for various clients. I predominantly work with one our alliance partners - a leading customer experience software platform. I try to relate this to people’s lives, by explaining that we help to deliver and report on the survey feedback that the platform is able to collect from customers in relation to the different brands they interact with. I love that my job allows me to interact with people across the world! It’s very interesting to understand how different countries within the same organisation work.

What gets you excited about your industry?

As a data science graduate, the increasing integration of data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence in customer and experience analytics is very exciting for me. With businesses now focusing on intelligent experience engines to drive sales and build a market for themselves, there’s a lot of scope for growth and development in my area of interest.

Tell us about your progression

Deloitte provides its employees with access to various online learning websites which is very helpful. For example, I have access to DataCamp and use it to brush up on my coding skills. You can also try to expand your network by speaking with different people and understanding the various on-going projects and tools that are gaining importance. It’s very easy to connect with people who are always ready to provide you with as much information as possible. In addition, there are numerous training courses you can take.

What gives you a sense of purpose?

I enjoy the energy and drive that comes with the work I’m currently doing. There is a sense of responsibility and challenge which makes it more exciting. There’s a lot to learn here and every day involves a new challenge. I don’t like monotony and that’s definitely something I haven’t faced here!

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Strategy and M&A Analyst
“To me, leadership is never asking someone to do something that you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself.”

When you joined, was there anything that surprised you about working here?

In my previous jobs, I had always felt the structure was quite rigid and unforgiving of the unpredictable events in life. Working at Deloitte has completely removed that anxiety. As long as I’m transparent, cooperative with my team and genuinely giving 100% of my energy during my working hours, it’s easy to be flexible and I can go to the appointments and events that I need to. My colleagues are very understanding and are more than happy to accommodate my needs, and the same applies to the rest of the team.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

I usually use the term “Technology Consultant” to explain what I do. My go-to example is: “imagine if our local bakery wanted to stop storing all their data in a messy MS Excel sheet? An organisation with the right skills and knowledge, like Deloitte, could help them operate more efficiently”. I love that every project here is like having a new job. Whenever I feel my work even beginning to become repetitive, I know that a brand new opportunity with a completely different team is right around the corner. This is what keeps my work fresh, fun and exciting.

Tell us about your progression at Deloitte?

Deloitte could not be more encouraging of development and learning. I have complete autonomy in this regard, and I can decide to complete qualifications whenever I’d like, as long as my primary client work is not affected. Deloitte have dedicated training sessions throughout the year on various qualifications in AWS, MS Azure, GCP and many more, whilst also paying for all the relevant online courses I need. I’ve recently completed the “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner” and have a strong understanding of how cloud computing can optimise business operations. I love working with data and have had the opportunity to contribute to large scale data migrations and transformations.

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Actuarial Analyst
“I am amazed at the support offered by my team and I’ve had a very positive experience since joining.”
“The beauty with actuarial consulting is that no week is the same, which keeps it interesting and means you are always learning.”

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

When I tell people I am training to be an actuary, they never understand what I do! Essentially, we are the people who work out how much insurance products should cost and how much money insurance companies should hold to be able to pay out all the claims that come to them. The beauty with actuarial consulting is that no week is the same, which keeps it interesting and means you are always learning. At Deloitte there are so many different projects going on the variety is never-ending.

How does Deloitte support your wellbeing?

I am amazed at the support offered by my team and I’ve had a very positive experience since joining. Everyone I work with is aware of how much studying is involved for my actuarial exams and they always ensure I log off at a reasonable time to help manage the balance between life, work, and study. In my team we have our own Wellbeing Working Group who keep you up to date with current wellbeing events, as well as working as a support network. Deloitte also gives all its employees free access to the ‘Headspace’ app which is full of meditation and workout activities.

How does Deloitte make you feel included?

I have joined the Gender Balance Network, which puts on talks on different topics so you hear insights from various people in the business. The firm fosters an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect and has an opportunity to contribute. You’re also able to work flexibly, meaning you’re able to set your hours around your own needs, whatever they may be. As long as you discuss what’s needed and any deadlines with your team, you can work from home or in the office and around certain activities if needed.

What will your industry look like a year from now?

As time goes on, I think we will see the insurance industry become more automated. The methods in which insurers use to collect data will become increasingly efficient and the ways we process data will improve. I also think we will start to see more flexible insurance products, leaving the one size fits all approach behind.

How do you keep busy in you spare time?

Outside of work I enjoy running and swimming, so when I joined Deloitte I became part of the Active Network. Last year I took part in the Virtual Team Challenge, which I really enjoyed. We were all put into teams and we had to complete a bingo card as fast as possible. The bingo card included activities such as cycling 100k, running a half marathon, running 5k and yoga.

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Business Transformation Analyst
“We were encouraged to bring our full selves to work and I think this is only possible because Deloitte fosters an inclusive environment.”

Why did you join Deloitte and what advice would you give to other people applying?

I spoke to someone from Deloitte Consulting at a recruitment fair at my university, and they inspired me to search for graduate opportunities that very afternoon. The way they described their role was exciting and it seemed like the projects on offer were really varied. In terms of the application process, my advice would be not to overthink the online situational and behavioural tests. Just choose the answers you genuinely think are the best fit for you, rather than what you think you should say. If you’re asked to complete a video interview, I recommend finding a blank wall to film from, with no distractions from housemates, parents or pets!

How does Deloitte support your wellbeing?

Deloitte has a wellbeing app for work phones which gave me free access to Headspace, and there’s a wellbeing representative in each team to talk to, as well as your People Leader. I do feel supported and while I haven’t needed to use this service, it’s reassuring that there’s a confidential number you can call at any time if things are getting overwhelming.

How do you feel Deloitte supports an inclusive environment?

In my first week, we were encouraged to bring our full selves to work and I think this is only possible because Deloitte fosters an inclusive environment. I’m a member of the Deloitte Black Network and the Multicultural Network, and was able to put my academic background to use as a Lunch and Learn Lead for Black History Month. I found it really empowering that this role was able to be a form of practice development, because it made me feel like Deloitte valued these events as a core part of their culture.

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Junior developer
“As well as getting support with my career, I have also been able to ask for help with personal situations.”

Why did you decide to start your career with Deloitte Digital in Belfast?

I went to a disadvantaged school in the North-West of England, and I always felt like a career in technology could secure me a better future. Deloitte seemed to have a lot of opportunities to grow and develop your career, which appealed to me and I could pursue my passion for development. I chose to come to Belfast because it’s a completely different experience to where I grew up. I believe you can pick up a lot of new skills by exposing yourself to new situations and learning from different teams around the world.

How have you felt supported by your team?

We always have great fun together and when I started the role, I was made to feel that I could learn at a pace that was right for me. As well as getting support with my career, I have also been able to ask for help with personal situations. My father sadly passed away during the pandemic and everyone really helped me get through this sad and difficult period. I was able to travel to back to Hong Kong to see family and my team did absolutely everything they could to help.

What do you enjoy most about working at Deloitte?

Consulting is really diverse and you get to try so many different things and expand your skills in lots of areas. Deloitte is really committed to training and development, which is great for everyone, but especially those who are starting out in their careers. I’m currently being supported to get my Java 11 certificate, which is important for my own development. There are constant opportunities to explore your talents, whether that’s in your current place of work or on a secondment elsewhere in the world. I like the fact that so many doors could open for me in the future at Deloitte.

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Junior developer
“People are treated fairly and equally, and everyone is friendly and helpful.”

What attracted you to a career in tech consulting?

I was fascinated by computers and videogames as a child and I’ve always loved finding out how things work. During my A-Levels I had the chance to work on a bookings database for my local hockey club, and it’s something I really enjoyed. It simulated what a client experience would be like in the real world, and it made me keen to follow a career in consulting. The idea of building something bespoke for a business that’s really worthwhile is what motivates me.

You started your role in lockdown, how did you adjust?

This is my first job since graduating from Queens University in Belfast, so I’d never worked in an office before. I was worried I would find it hard to work remotely but it’s been great. When I joined everything was already running very smoothly, and everyone in the team was extremely supportive. During my first week of the induction I was able to socialise online with other colleagues, and I immediately felt very welcome. Despite not being in an office it was a great introduction to the company.

What surprised you about working for Deloitte?

I thought I’d be working in a very corporate environment but in reality there is a relaxed atmosphere. People are treated fairly and equally, and everyone is friendly and helpful. It’s a flexible, inclusive place to work and there’s lots of opportunities to explore. Before joining the team I did a maths degree, and I didn’t have a huge amount of experience in development. Deloitte enables you to learn on the job, and you’re encouraged to build your skills.

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Software developer
“I feel like I’m solving fun puzzles every day.”

Why did you join Deloitte and move to Belfast?

I started by searching the top graduate firms and Deloitte really stood out to me as a great employer. I’d heard about the culture, ethics and integrity of the firm, as well as the importance they place on work/life balance. When an opportunity came up to work in Belfast, I was really excited about the move. I’ve got family here and I’m able to visit my grandparents every weekend and help them out with jobs around the house. They love having me around.

What do you love about your job?

Some days it really doesn’t feel like work. There’s always something new and exciting to be doing. I feel like I’m solving fun puzzles every day. You get to work for many different clients on different projects and it always feels like they’re an extension of the team because we work together to achieve our goals. I also love the opportunities on offer at Deloitte. I’m keen to get further established in my role at the moment, but in the future I’d consider secondment opportunities.

What advice would you share with others following the same path?

Consulting is a fast-paced environment and there’s always change happening. I think it suits me because I’m a logical thinker and enjoy communicating with other people. If you’re going to work in this industry, I think integrity and ethics are important. Luckily the people at Deloitte are always ready to help and support you with anything you need.

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Junior Developer
“The best thing about working in my team is that they understand that I need time to learn.”

Do you feel you are supported and encouraged to be yourself at work?

Absolutely. My managers create a very relaxed environment – I’m given appropriate time to complete tasks that are both thought provoking and challenging. I’m not deprived of tasks that are ‘too hard’ for me so I feel I’m encouraged to be myself. I’m also given ample support to help me complete my work. This is the best way to learn I think; I’m able to take the time I need to work through the more complex tasks, as well as ask for support if and when I need it.

My manager lets me know about diversity groups and events going on at Deloitte, as well as external conferences. He also sends me reading material so I can keep up to date with the world of DevOps - the area that I work in. I’m also being encouraged to give talks outside of Deloitte so I can develop my confidence with speaking. I have meetings about my objectives and goals once every two weeks which helps me keep on track. I also meet with a coach from Deloitte Digital which has helped me gain a different perspective on things.

It’s nice to be around like-minded people that embrace individuality. Deloitte is a really fun place to work and everyone is really supportive. I feel like I can be myself at work which is great!

Tell us a bit about working in Consulting Assets

We build software businesses, this is a newer way of delivering value to our clients. We don’t have client-specific projects, instead we design, build and run software products that multiple clients will use. As we’re innovating how Deloitte works and building software in an agile process, our culture is less corporate and more like a tech start up. The structure is quite flat in this department so it’s easy to go to each other for help if we need to. We have great access to more experience engineers which in turn enables us to learn from their experiences.

The best thing about working in my team is that they understand that I need time to learn and build a broad knowledge base. I’ve been able to do this by owning small technology automation projects that take a concept all the way from the idea to deploying it live to multiple teams. Equally, I still feel like I’m challenged at work and am given a good level of ownership and responsibility.

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Business Transformation Analyst
“There’s such a focus on wellbeing and our mental health here, and the support and understanding that you receive from everyone around you, no matter the grade, is amazing.”

How did you find the application process? Any advice?

I thought it was going to be extremely daunting and I didn’t really think I’d make it. The best advice I can give anyone going into it is to just believe in yourself and that you are as good as anyone else. The application is designed so that Deloitte can learn a lot about you, your values and personality, rather than just looking at your grades and what uni you went to. Deloitte want to get to know the real you, so really use the application process as a chance to demonstrate who you are, share your aspirations and the positive impact you will bring to the table.

What’s the most innovative project you’ve worked on?

I think it’s my most recent project where we were developing a health, safety & wellbeing measurement strategy for a client that wanted to really take a step forward in the area. Measuring wellbeing is such an interesting topic which has been bubbling up the past 3 – 5 years, but as it is such a new area it can often be one that many businesses really get wrong. I’m a data analyst, so it was so exciting to be able to dive into the data and start identifying what actually influences an employee’s wellbeing, but also to be able to spot key indicators that will help prevent poor employee wellbeing. This will allow so many organisations to better manage it, identify the risks and, most importantly, help and support their employees.

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Strategy and M&A Analyst
“As a BrightStart there are so many opportunities to progress and learn new skills.”

What’s the best thing about working at Deloitte?

I’m extremely passionate about encouraging girls to think about careers in technology and about apprenticeships. My job here has enabled me to spread awareness about both. I enjoy participating in our women’s network too, an open space, where women from all areas of the firm can give advice, ask questions and share thoughts on things such as imposter syndrome and gender inequality within the workplace.

I also love the work socials. These are all online now due to the pandemic, of course, but during the Analyst Induction Programme, I met friends for life! We’re hoping to go on our second ski trip as soon as we can.

Tell us about your apprenticeship journey

I took an alternative route to get where I am today, and I wouldn’t change it. I first joined the Audit Delivery Centre in Cardiff, which was a great starting point for me. I was able to explore all my options and decide exactly where I wanted to be. After speaking to many people within the firm, I decided on Data and Technology. So I applied for the Analytics & Cognitive BrightStart scheme in London.

As a BrightStart there are so many opportunities to progress and learn new skills. Every two months, I spend a week at university, studying Digital and Technology Solutions. It’s an amazing opportunity to have a full time career and also pursue a degree that’s relevant to your role.

Since joining the firm, aged 18, I have grown immensely, both professionally and personally. I’ve been able to follow my passions, decide my career path, and ultimately grow in confidence. More firms should take on school leavers; it’s such a great way to learn about the world of work. I’m so glad I took the leap!

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Business Transformation Analyst
“I believe Deloitte really is trying to make a difference in the world.”

Do you feel you make a difference through your work?

I believe Deloitte really is trying to make a difference in the world. I’ve seen tangible positive outcomes from initiatives such as our Black Action Plan, five million futures programme, and green projects. I know I’ve personally made a difference too. My first project was for a housing association that provides affordable housing in the south east of England.

Is Deloitte diverse and inclusive?

There are a whole host of inclusion initiatives happening across our firm. I’m working as part of our Diversity and Inclusion team to create a sponsorship programme for female and minority ethnic colleagues, for example. I’ve also been involved in a listening session for our south Asian colleagues. We talked about brown expectations, cultural taboos and our true selves in a really authentic session. We were able to empathise with each other, based on our shared experiences, and one of the highlights for me was seeing the cross-cultural similarities of everyone.

What’s working from home been like?

When the pandemic hit, our managers were really quick to make sure we were all coping well, by introducing lots of virtual socials and ways to connect. Everyone is really friendly and willing to have a chat over a cup of coffee - or tea in my case. It’s also made it even easier to enjoy hobbies outside work. I dance ballroom and Latin at the weekends and evenings, and everyone is very respectful of our free time.

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Technology Transformation
“One of the best things about delivering university projects is getting to see first-hand the impact our projects have.”

What do you do?

I work in Deloitte Digital, in the Customer and Marketing team. In simple terms, my job is going into a business as part of a team and helping that business improve the way it interacts with its customers. This could be anything from personalised marketing and improving self-service, through to introducing new channels of communication, or even changing the organisation’s structure.

Most of the work I do is in the education sector. One of the best things about delivering university projects is being surrounded by the customers on campus and getting to see first-hand the impact our projects have on them. We make a real difference in people’s lives.

What kind of projects do you get to work on?

My current project is at one of the country’s leading universities. We’re mid-way through an end-to-end customer journey, transforming the university operating model and implementing Salesforce. This is the largest project Deloitte has ever undertaken at a UK university. The head of customer services said this week that they’ve massively reduced first response times for student enquiries, from three days to just a few minutes – a huge improvement!

And beyond your day job?

Recently, I’ve become a keen gardener (mainly due to amount of time I’m spending at home during the pandemic). In more “normal” times, I enjoy boxing and playing squash.

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Technology Transformation Analyst
“The work/life balance here at Deloitte is brilliant and despite being busy, I never feel overwhelmed.”

What attracted you to Deloitte and what do you love about your job?

After finishing my degree in Belfast, I was looking for a role that would allow me to use the analytical skills I’d developed. Deloitte works with some interesting public sector clients and has opportunities for rapid career advancement. After joining I was promoted within two years. I love being at the forefront of public sector change. I’m from Belfast originally, and I’m interested in making the services here in Northern Ireland the best they possibly can be. Our team supports clients to use new technology to operate as efficiently as they can. Being involved in work that’s making a tangible difference is hugely motivating for me. I also enjoy being in a fast-paced environment where there’s always something new and different to be working on.

Why do you think other people should apply for a job in consulting?

Consulting is a people driven career so there’s always a chance to build new relationships and speak to others. I also think it’s a great choice for anyone who is coming out of academia and wants to continue building their critical thinking skills. I’m analytical and love problem solving, which makes it the ideal role for me. There’s never a dull moment!

How do you manage your work/life balance?

The work/life balance here at Deloitte is brilliant and despite being busy, I never feel overwhelmed. We have an open, transparent culture so I can always speak to someone if I feel as though work is piling up. I was a bit concerned about working from home during the pandemic because I’m a social person, but Deloitte made it easier. We had some great online socials, like cheese tasting, and we encouraged each other to spend time outdoors when we could. I felt as though support was in place and our mental health was looked after. Joining as a graduate I was worried I’d be expected to know everything straight away, but that wasn’t the case at all. Learning and development is valued at Deloitte, and there’s plenty of opportunities to develop and build your skills.

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Junior developer
“There are endless opportunities on offer and every day is new and different. It’s a really exciting place to be.”

What attracted you to Deloitte?

When I was in school, I learned about Deloitte’s BrightStart Apprenticeship programme in Belfast. It sounded great and I was tempted to join straight away. At the last minute I decided to go to university, but I still knew I wanted to work here when I finished. The inclusive environment really appealed to me, as well as the opportunity to work with some exciting and well-known clients in a great city. I joined the team on my placement year in 2019, then came back as a fulltime employee this September.

What does your role involve?

When I was on my placement year, I was a back-end developer, which meant working ‘behind-the-scenes’. I really enjoyed knowing that I played an essential part in making things work effectively. In my new role I’m going to be working as a software developer on front-end products, which is very creative. It’s exciting because you work with lots of different types of technology and get a clear picture of what you’ve built, which I love. I’m hugely motivated by seeing the outcomes of my work, which is why this job is such a great fit me. I’m excited to get stuck in on new projects.

What made you want to pursue a career in tech and why would you recommend it to other women?

Growing up I had a huge passion for technology. I would stay up all night making PowerPoint presentations and I later ended up studying computer science. Through my experiences I learned to love problem solving, and my focus has always been trying to understand how things work or how to fix them. When I was young I didn’t know what careers might be possible for me, but I suspect my parents always knew my future lay in technology. There weren’t many women on my course at university. I feel as though some younger women don’t think technology is the kind of career they should pursue but that’s absolutely not the case. Deloitte is making an active effort to increase diversity in its technology teams, and there’s no better time to join. I’d love to see more women taking an active interest in tech. There are endless opportunities on offer and every day is new and different. It’s a really exciting place to be.