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Imagine shaping the future of legal services. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing at Deloitte. When the right people with the right skills pull together, there’s no limit to what can be achieved. Want to be part of it?

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What you can do in Legal

Everything we do focuses on helping our clients experience the future of law, today. By qualifying as a solicitor at Legal, you’ll work alongside over 2,500 legal experts spanning more than 80 locations. We combine this wealth of legal expertise with our unparalleled global network of accountants, consultants, technologists and strategists to deliver complete legal solutions to our clients.
You’ll work in a variety of places, connecting with all sorts of different people, all working together to solve some of the world’s most complex legal problems. You’ll have so many opportunities to learn new skills, explore new ideas, and think in your own creative way. Working with such a large and trusted global service business also means you’ll keep on growing and developing skills that can open the door to a world of career opportunities, in the legal sector and beyond.

Career options

“I’ve been able to develop my legal and business skills while working at Deloitte. I’ve attended training courses to learn more about the business and worked on new and interesting transactions.”
Gurkirat, Legal
Deloitte Legal Training Contracts
At Deloitte Legal Training Contract allows you to qualify as a solicitor through the new SQE path. Although it’s no longer mandatory, we believe rotating between our Practice Areas will enhance your qualifying experience and help transform you into the best lawyer you can be.
Legal Entity Management
The Legal Entity Management team provide a mix of services related to the management and governance of legal entities. You’ll also support our clients on a number of strategic, company secretarial, subsidiary governance and legal entity restructuring projects.

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By joining Legal, you'll be among true innovators. We're constantly seeking new ways to solve complex client problems by blending legal expertise with our ability to develop and rapidly deploy cutting-edge technology in a fully integrated manner. In addition, you will be able to use some of the firm’s proprietary legal technology first-hand, including dTrax, an AI-enabled contract management tool, and MyInsight, a secure client portal that enables clients to track and monitor their legal compliance services. This innovative approach will help foster a new generation of high quality, forward-thinking solicitors.

Working on large projects for one of the world’s leading professional services businesses means that your work not only has an impact on our clients but on the industry itself. We are using our scale, experience and passion to disrupt the legal marketplace and deliver a new style of seamless legal services to our clients.

For example, the way we combine expertise in a multi-disciplinary firm allows us to offer a more complete service than ever before. Therefore, the impact of our legal expertise is no longer confined to traditional legal services and your work will have a significant impact on huge organisations.

What do our people say?

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Deloitte Legal
“I find with every new matter I work on there’s something new to learn.”

What first attracted you to Deloitte?

Three things really: reputation, innovation and development. Deloitte’s reputation as a leading provider of professional services was attractive. Its commitment to developing new tech solutions and delivering services in new ways was exciting. And being a large firm, with so many aspects to it, I saw it as an opportunity to personally develop my skills.

How inclusive is the culture here?

Deloitte embraces individuality and respects all cultures. There are a number of networks you can join to find people with similar backgrounds; I’m a member of the Multicultural Network. There’s also a genuine interest from leadership in understanding each team member. It’s a really supportive place, where everyone is very friendly and easy to approach. Continuous dialogue with senior members of the team is encouraged and flexible working has always been available.

Five years from now, what will the legal industry look like?

Very different! The industry is developing at such a pace that it’s difficult to imagine. But I am certain that tech and innovation will be at the forefront. The traditional law world that I qualified into is slowly transforming – for the better. The great thing is that we’re involved in this transformation. Being a new team at Deloitte, we’re all part of a tech creative thinking group, where new legal tech solutions are being tested. I have heard that AI will eliminate the need for actual solicitors! I do agree that tech is useful, but you can’t completely replace all the capabilities of an individual with technology.