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Governance, Risk & Regulation

The commercial world is constantly changing. Every day, our clients face new regulations, shifting legislation and fluctuating economic and financial risk. We’re here to help them manage all this, and succeed despite it too. This career is not just about following legislation and the market, but delivering effective solutions that are easy to understand and even easier to action.

Your professional experience

  • Carrying out information and security risk management
  • Helping clients to understand and enhance their application and infrastructure security
  • Performing information security reviews and alerting clients to risks
  • Using data analysis to save costs or enhance revenue
  • Supporting clients with compliance of various regulations
  • Helping clients mitigate risks alerted to

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Your focus

Our consultants come from a range of backgrounds, combining technical and industry knowledge. What connects them is a passion for problem solving and an ability to build deep, trusted relationships with clients.

Compliance and Operations Risk
A broad remit will see you working on a range of risk-related projects, from target operating model (TOM) design to governance framework reviews. Ultimately it’s about making sure our clients are both competitive and compliant. Discover more

Extended Enterprise Risk Management (EERM)
You’ll help our clients get the most from their third party relationships, from customers and suppliers, to distributors, licensees and franchisees. Making sure they can maintain brand integrity and boost revenue. Read more from our client site

Finance Operations and Support (FOS)
Playing a much wider role in business these days than control and reporting, an effective Finance function drives overall strategy and direction too. Using your expertise, and proven methodologies, you’ll diagnose the root causes, and help resolve, your clients’ finance issues, creating pragmatic, bespoke solutions that empower them to deliver more.

Financial Risk Measurement
This is all about quantifying risk, whether it’s from credit, the market, liquidity or operational. You’ll help clients understand and root out the best strategies, making sure they’re competitive and operate within ever-changing regulations. Find out more

Risk and Capital Management
A chance to work directly with clients in many different areas of risk and regulation. Projects range from implementing large-scale risk management frameworks to developing strategic legal restructuring programmes. Read on

Regester Larkin Deloitte
You’ll support clients through the intense scrutiny and pressure of a crisis. Whether it’s a cyber attack, natural disaster, product failure, or other challenging issue, you’ll be there to advise senior leaders. Through crisis management and other techniques, you’ll help them minimise the impact on their reputation, strategy, commercial interests and bottom line.

Strategic Regulatory and Operational Risk
Whether you’re providing assurance on internal financial controls, advising on specific compliance projects, or helping our high-profile clients become more sustainable or equipped with better technology, your work will have far-reaching impact. See the bigger picture

Your training & development

As well as your professional exams, you’ll get to work with and learn from some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry. You’ll also benefit from an extensive training programme that’s unique to Deloitte.

Your development

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