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Uncertainty threatens our world every day. But it also presents opportunities. By guiding our clients to future-proof success, you’ll enjoy a career where the impact is huge. What happens next, starts here.

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What can you do in Governance, Risk & Regulation?

These are rapidly evolving times. Technology is transforming how we all connect and the way businesses fundamentally operate. Political and economic uncertainty is high on everyone’s agenda. So too is the relationship between society and business, as corporate crises escalate. All of this is being played out on a global stage.
For every organisation, failure to navigate uncertainty can be, at best disruptive, at worst devastating. Working with your colleagues, you’ll help our clients anticipate change and take action to ensure their success. This used to mean advising our clients and helping them comply with regulations and best practice. Now, it also means transforming the way they work. You’ll help define their future, providing risk solutions that drive better performance, as well as promoting social responsibility.

Career options

“The best thing about my team is that they’ve become my friends, not just my colleagues.”
Madhura, Operational Risk
Business Risk & Security Management
Business Risk, and Security Management are responsible for enabling the firm to do business, whilst proactively managing risk to protect our client, people, assets and data.

Discover more about how Business Risk, and Security Management fits within Deloitte
Cardiff Delivery Centre
Our Cardiff centre provides support to our client-facing employees, and their need to provide outstanding quality services. You’ll be hands on right from the beginning.

Discover how our Delivery Centres fit within Deloitte
Climate & Sustainability
Climate change and a more sustainable future are top of the agenda for all organisations. Over the past twenty years our thinking in this field has helped to define many of the frameworks and guidelines that are now well-established in global businesses. As part of our team, you’ll help clients manage environmental, social and governance issues that transform how we live and work.

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Controllership, Accounting & Reporting
Working closely with the CFO we help our clients manage all elements of their finance functions, from accounting and financial reporting, emerging regulation and complex data challenges, to finance transformations and digital controllership.

Discover how Controllership, Accounting & Reporting fits within Deloitte
Data & Analytics
Storing, using, and interpreting data presents complex and challenging issues for our clients. We’re here to help them understand how they can improve their business performance through the management and use of their data.

Discover how Data & Analytics fits within Deloitte
Deloitte Managed Solutions
Our clients are generally characterised as organisations who have a crisis, reputational, regulatory or business processing issues. You’ll grow your knowledge and expertise across multiple sectors; working with pioneering architecture and cutting-edge technology such as robotic and cognitive automation.

Discover how Deloitte Managed Solutions fits within Deloitte
Extended Enterprise
Help clients manage the risks and make the most of dealing with third parties, such as suppliers and licensees. Working with senior people in many different businesses, you’ll deliver point-in-time solutions and ongoing managed service solutions that help them maintain brand integrity and maximise their performance.

Discover how Extended Enterprise fits within Deloitte
Non Financial Risk
You’ll join a market leading team and work with top tier financial institutions, helping them manage change that’s driven by regulation and strategic risk issues, Using a range of internally developed tools and delivery models to help our clients meet regulatory requirements.

Discover how Non Financial Risk fits within Deloitte
Operational Risk
The hugely volatile external environment means internal audit and control has never been more important. We partner with our clients to help them build, manage and transform their internal audit functions to improve quality and drive down costs.

Discover how Operational Risk fits within Deloitte
Reputation, Crisis and Resilience
We advise and support clients at every stage of the crisis life-cycle. Whatever your area of focus, you’ll work with innovative tools, cutting-edge technologies, fascinating industries, and experts from across the Deloitte business.

Discover how Reputation, Crisis & Resilience fits within Deloitte
Risk and Regulation
The regulatory landscape faced by the financial services industry has never been more complex. You’ll help top tier financial institutions manage change, to achieve both compliance and commercial success.

Discover how Risk & Regulation fits within Deloitte

Explore Governance, Risk & Regulation

“There are so many opportunities to get involved with exciting projects.”
Adam, Risk Advisory

We work on all kinds of projects for all kinds of clients. Here are just a few examples.

Assisting Fair Play for UEFA

We’ve worked with UEFA, as independent inspectors and advisors, since 2012. Each year, we inspect their associations and individual clubs for compliance with their ‘Club Licensing’ and ‘Financial Fair Play’ regulations. Using our extensive knowledge of the regulations, accounting standards, and the sports industry, we also help them update the regulations via an annual de-brief. Our latest will be released ahead of the 2018 Champions League Final in Kiev.

Saving on Software for a Global Bank

One of our largest projects ever, we helped an international bank to save money on its software purchases and reduce the risk of licence non-compliance. This Software Asset Management (SAM) work involved helping the client build a comprehensive set of processes and controls to transform the way it manages its software, right across the globe. It allowed us to stretch our creativity, to challenge ourselves, to push the boundaries of how SAM could be run for such a large organisation.

Digital Governance Programme

An EMEA-wide project for a major pharmaceutical company. We helped our client define new ways of working with patients and medical groups across the region. This involved implementing new processes, controls and underlying technology for over 20 affiliates in 86 countries.

Mitigating the risks of machine learning

A leading UK retail bank was looking to implement machine learning technology across the business, as part of their broader digital transformation. Our job was to conduct a review of their newly designed Machine Learning Risk and Control Framework, and make clear, prioritised recommendations, so they could better manage the risks associated with adopting this innovative technology.

“I work with companies to help them improve their approach to the environment, social responsibility, health & safety, and transparency.”
Leo, Sustainability

Everyone here is encouraged to create and collaborate every day. We even have a dedicated Innovation Team within Risk Advisory. Who are there to help colleagues progress their ideas through the innovation process, from developing a business case, to pitching for funding, to production.

We’re responsible for many of the firm’s most successful innovations. Just one example is BEAT (Behavioural Emotion and Analytics Tool). This voice and behavioural analysis engine tracks the emotion and language used in human speech. BEAT can analyse the spoken word far faster than any human can, and is able to score interactions based on pre-determined criteria. It can look for psychologically-defined characteristics and track key words or phrases. BEATs uses are broad and include call centre automation, insurance claim fraud detection, compliance analysis, and trading market abuse detection.

“I feel like I have developed massively and am a lot more confident in my ability to deliver on client expectations.”
Kim, Risk Advisory

At Deloitte, we care about the world around us and use our expertise to make an impact in society. We help our clients do the same, identifying how we can create value together as responsible businesses. We positively encourage our people to volunteer and get involved in the local community, to work with charities, and to fundraise.

What do our people say?

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Operational Risk
“As a candidate with a disability, Deloitte were incredibly accommodating when it came to the reasonable adjustments that I required during the application process.”

What advice would you give to other applicants?

The application process, whilst daunting at times, was enjoyable overall. All of the people that I engaged with throughout the process were very accommodating. In terms of advice, I would strongly recommend that candidates read up as much as they can on the team they are looking to join, as well as Deloitte as an organisation. This preparatory work can help you decide where you feel you fit in best at Deloitte and can go a long way to demonstrate your desire to join the firm.

Tell us about your progression at Deloitte

Working in Risk Advisory at Deloitte, I have largely learnt through doing. There is no substitute for project work when it comes to developing your knowledge and skills in a certain area. Alongside practical experience, I have been able to develop my expertise by asking my colleagues lots of questions. There’s a strong focus on learning here, and we have great access to various training platforms to develop the skills that we personally want to focus on.

How does Deloitte foster an inclusive community?

As a candidate with a disability, Deloitte were incredibly accommodating when it came to the reasonable adjustments that I required during the application process. This has continued now that I am a full-time employee, which enables me to work more productively in a way that suits me. For example, the ability to work from home allows me to manage the impacts of my disability more easily. There’s also a number of networks for people at Deloitte, including Workability, a network for employees living with disability, which I am part of.

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“One of the best things about Deloitte is the inclusive culture.”

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

I tell them I work in accountancy and help to improve finance functions. The work from project to project is very different and refreshing, and you can really have a chance to experience a lot before you decide to take a specific route. There are so many opportunities working for Deloitte and I was in awe of everything when I joined. From the offices to the people you meet and the clients you work with, it all really adds to the experience.

Do you feel Deloitte supports an inclusive environment?

One of the best things about Deloitte is the inclusive culture. No matter what walk of life you are from, Deloitte will give you the platform to be able to excel in anything. I am part of the Deloitte Muslim Network, which means I can connect with so many others who have been on a similar journey to myself, and ask them for advice and how to approach different situations in the workplace. As well as this, the people I work with on a day-to-day basis are from different cultures and backgrounds, and we’re able to share stories and experiences that we can all relate to. There is more work to be done, and Deloitte have been transparent in the manner in which they’re working to improve this so I have positive hopes for the future.

What do you enjoy about where you work?

I work in the Deloitte Birmingham office and also spend some time working in Leicester. The Birmingham office is situated in a beautiful location, right by the canal with loads of places to eat nearby. It’s also close to the SeaLife Centre. Birmingham itself has loads of things to do, and at a fraction of the price as London. There’s also loads of good transport links to and from the whole country making it really easy to travel at weekends.

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Operational Risk
“If you are willing to get stuck in and try your hardest at every opportunity that comes your way, you’ll love it here.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the fact that I can work for some of the most well-known companies in the world, and see the impact that my work has made first hand. The people I’ve worked with have been very supportive and have given me the constructive criticism I needed to progress in my career. There are also many opportunities to get involved, across almost every industry.

During my three years at Deloitte, I’ve worked in the banking, utilities, public sector, private sector, healthcare and energy industries. The roles you can support on vary with each client, and make the work more interesting.

My role involves working with different organisations to assess and mitigate risks to their business. These risks can vary across different areas of the company, including financial, regulatory, operational and business-as-usual. We usually identify a scope at the start of the engagement, which includes the areas that the business would like us to focus on.

Scopes can be quite broad and include multiple areas of the business, but can also focus on one particular area. Fieldwork follows, usually involving meetings with key client stakeholders and testing their processes and controls as per the agreed scope. After completing fieldwork, the report is reviewed by managers and partners. We then discuss our findings with the client and issue the report.

How do you make an impact at Deloitte?

Deloitte offers lots of volunteering opportunities, from supporting the development of children in schools to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. We hold bake sales, boat races and days out to raise money for charity as well.

I’m also part of the Deloitte Women’s Network which arranges events to help empower women at the company. These include networking events with senior Deloitte people, as well as external keynote speakers.

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Strategic, Regulatory and Operational Risk
“School leavers bring so much to the table and I have only ever hear praise for the work that we do.”

What advice would you give a school leaver joining Deloitte?

Don’t be worried that you aren’t educated enough to do the work if you didn’t go to university. School leavers bring so much to the table and I have only ever heard praise for the work that we do. Also, don’t be worried about your ACA exams (if you choose to do them), if you put the work in then they aren’t that bad.

I always enjoyed working a lot more than education, so I was happy with the transition from school to work, despite having to adjust to having less holiday and more responsibility. The amount of trust that clients and managers have in you can be a shock at first, but over time, you get used to it. You should also bear in mind that people are always willing to help you if you need it. We have probably had exactly the same question at some point, no matter how trivial it seems.

Finally, buy nice shirts! They last longer, they look better and they give the right impression from the get go.

What’s special about the people in your team?

My team is so diverse. We have people from all walks of life, who all bring different things to the table. They are all so approachable and are always keen to help if you need it.

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“We cover every industry you can imagine so you’ll always be able to find something that really interests you personally.”

What do you do?

When I describe what I do to my friends and family I say that I work with companies to help them improve their approach to the environment, social responsibility, health & safety, and also how to be transparent about what they are doing in all of these areas.

Talk us through some of your best work achievements

I took on an entire project by myself during my second year at Deloitte. This included interviewing the client, performing the actual analytical work and issuing our reports at the end. Managing the project from start to finish was extremely satisfying, but also tough.

I also reviewed an important client document during one project, and had to present my feedback to very senior staff at the client. The document had needed a lot of improvement and it was satisfying to hear those senior staff agree with my findings and thank me for my work.

Why should I join Deloitte?

I really believe you won’t progress as fast anywhere else. Deloitte will definitely value you for who you are and you’ll be heavily invested in through training, care networks, volunteering opportunities, the list goes on.

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