What does the future of work look like?

With computers increasingly taking care of mundane tasks, the workforce is free to focus on the more interesting stuff. But what does that mean in reality? Join us, and help clients solve complex challenges that go beyond the world of business.

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What can you do in Human Capital & Actuarial?

Two of the biggest challenges that companies face are getting the best out of their people and being ready for the future. Whatever your role in Human Capital and Actuarial, you’ll work collaboratively to help our clients maximise the potential of their team and assess all the challenges, risks and opportunities that lie ahead. You’ll provide support, devise ways to attract top talent and help organisations evolve and adapt to embrace new technology. You’ll learn from some of the smartest business minds around and work with influential, fascinating organisations, across all industries and sectors. The learning curve might be steep, but you’ll develop some of the broadest most sought-after skills in the firm.

Career options

“I have a really good support system within Deloitte – my Coach is always there to listen and help me.”
Charlie, Workforce Analytics
Consulting – Actuarial Analyst
Our Actuaries are usually part of Human Capital in Consulting, where we’re an integral part of our client’s transformation journeys. But you could find yourself working with specialists from across the firm, in Transaction Services, Risk Advisory and Audit & Assurance.

Discover how Actuarial Analysts fit in at Deloitte

Deloitte Total Rewards & Benefits (DTRB)
Our pensions advisory business, (DTRB for short) helps clients navigate the ever-changing pensions landscape, You’ll have the opportunity to work with clients from every sector, each with a unique situation that requires our advice.

Consulting – Business Transformation Analyst
Business transformation is about helping our clients find solutions to their most complex challenges. To do this, you’ll analyse data, leverage new technologies, and collaborate with client and Deloitte teams across all major industries. Projects can range from helping a manufacturer optimise their processes to delivering new operating models for a major financial sector brand.

Discover how Business Transformation Analysts fit in at Deloitte
Tax -Global Employer Services (GES)
Advise employers on the legal aspects of moving staff around the globe and on planning the right rewards for their people.

Discover how Tax fits within Deloitte

Explore Human Capital

“The size of Deloitte means there are a wide number of different projects to get involved with, abroad, on client site, and in Deloitte offices.”
Susannah, Actuarial, Reward & Analytics

The diversity of projects and organisations we’re involved with mean that our people gain some of the broadest and most sought after skills in the firm. You’ll work on some of the most exciting and challenging projects our clients are tackling.

We recently helped a client use data and analytics to understand how robots will change the way that work is done within their organisation. We helped modernise and transform the HR organisation for the leading transport company of a major capital city. We’ve even supported countries with large scale sporting events such as the Olympics.

If financial services is more your thing, there are plenty of large scale projects we get involved with in this sector, from transforming the experience of new employees joining a global bank, to consulting on rewards and benefits packages.

Your experience here will be broad and vast, so whatever your area of interest, there will always be something to inspire you.

“A really big drive for Human Capital consulting is the Future of Work – helping our clients make their workplace ready for the future employee.”
Charlie, Workforce Analytics

Our world is rapidly changing. Technology is becoming ever more advanced, making innovation critical. Everything we do here is built on a culture of constant development and adoption of innovative ideas – be that delivering bold new services and solutions to our clients, or improving how we work internally.

We challenge ourselves every day to think: how could we do this better? We're currently pioneering the theme of Exponential Actuary; looking at how the roles of actuaries will change in the future due to increasingly automated workforces and the advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The concept looks at finding new ways to use actuary skills in other areas of a client’s business, so the knowledge and experience these people have can create value elsewhere.

We’re also working on an internal initiative to take the kind of technology we use every day in our personal lives to create an internal social network that enables our people to share insights about the work they’re doing and draw on the expertise we have across Deloitte.

“I’ve participated in the BeyondMe scheme which partners consultants with charities and non-profit organisations to help them solve business challenges.”
Charlie, Workforce Analytics

Being part of Deloitte means being part of the world around you. We positively encourage you to volunteer and get involved in the local and wider community. There are opportunities to work with organisations supporting children and youth, community, disability, education and training, ex-military, and the homeless.

Or why not get involved with recruiting new graduates and apprentices? Be a mentor to new joiners? Or share your experiences at a lunch and learn session?

And if you have an idea or passion for something we’re not currently involved in, let us know, or take on the challenge of organising it yourself and inspiring others to join in.

What do our people say?

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Actuarial Analyst
“The beauty with actuarial consulting is that no week is the same, which keeps it interesting and means you are always learning.”

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

When I tell people I am training to be an actuary, they never understand what I do! Essentially, we are the people who work out how much insurance products should cost and how much money insurance companies should hold to be able to pay out all the claims that come to them. The beauty with actuarial consulting is that no week is the same, which keeps it interesting and means you are always learning. At Deloitte there are so many different projects going on the variety is never-ending.

How does Deloitte support your wellbeing?

I am amazed at the support offered by my team and I’ve had a very positive experience since joining. Everyone I work with is aware of how much studying is involved for my actuarial exams and they always ensure I log off at a reasonable time to help manage the balance between life, work, and study. In my team we have our own Wellbeing Working Group who keep you up to date with current wellbeing events, as well as working as a support network. Deloitte also gives all its employees free access to the ‘Headspace’ app which is full of meditation and workout activities.

How does Deloitte make you feel included?

I have joined the Gender Balance Network, which puts on talks on different topics so you hear insights from various people in the business. The firm fosters an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect and has an opportunity to contribute. You’re also able to work flexibly, meaning you’re able to set your hours around your own needs, whatever they may be. As long as you discuss what’s needed and any deadlines with your team, you can work from home or in the office and around certain activities if needed.

What will your industry look like a year from now?

As time goes on, I think we will see the insurance industry become more automated. The methods in which insurers use to collect data will become increasingly efficient and the ways we process data will improve. I also think we will start to see more flexible insurance products, leaving the one size fits all approach behind.

How do you keep busy in you spare time?

Outside of work I enjoy running and swimming, so when I joined Deloitte I became part of the Active Network. Last year I took part in the Virtual Team Challenge, which I really enjoyed. We were all put into teams and we had to complete a bingo card as fast as possible. The bingo card included activities such as cycling 100k, running a half marathon, running 5k and yoga.

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Global Employer Services
“Being trusted early on with this level of client visibility and responsibly is really motivating.”

What do you do? And what's the most exciting thing about it?

I work with individuals who are being sent to work in a different country and we advise them on the tax implications of their move. Our main goal is to make sure the individual and company are both being compliant with the UK and local laws.

We work with global businesses and international employees, which means there are many different opportunities, including working abroad. Be that with another Deloitte office or on secondment with a client.

My most exciting project so far is one I’m working on right now: the Business Traveler tool. This allows employees to complete a pre-travel assessment to see if they’re ok to take a business trip to a particular country, looking at the tax, immigration and social security implications of the move. It’s something completely different and I’m excited to see this new proposition grow.

Is there life at Deloitte beyond the day job?

There’s a lot going on here other than client work. I’ve been able to take part in Deloitte’s One Million Futures programme, for example, and have signed up to be a mentor this year.

There’s a good social side too. We have regular client, team and wider group socials. That’s on top of the various seasonal, summer and Christmas parties. Also, I occasionally work from home, whenever I need to get away quickly or have anything planned in the evening near home. Everyone is really flexible and accommodating. They understand we all have lives too.

Why should I join Deloitte?

I really believe you won’t progress as fast anywhere else. Deloitte will definitely value you for who you are and you’ll be heavily invested in through training, care networks, volunteering opportunities, the list goes on.

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Business Transformation Analyst
“We were encouraged to bring our full selves to work and I think this is only possible because Deloitte fosters an inclusive environment.”

Why did you join Deloitte and what advice would you give to other people applying?

I spoke to someone from Deloitte Consulting at a recruitment fair at my university, and they inspired me to search for graduate opportunities that very afternoon. The way they described their role was exciting and it seemed like the projects on offer were really varied. In terms of the application process, my advice would be not to overthink the online situational and behavioural tests. Just choose the answers you genuinely think are the best fit for you, rather than what you think you should say. If you’re asked to complete a video interview, I recommend finding a blank wall to film from, with no distractions from housemates, parents or pets!

How does Deloitte support your wellbeing?

Deloitte has a wellbeing app for work phones which gave me free access to Headspace, and there’s a wellbeing representative in each team to talk to, as well as your People Leader. I do feel supported and while I haven’t needed to use this service, it’s reassuring that there’s a confidential number you can call at any time if things are getting overwhelming.

How do you feel Deloitte supports an inclusive environment?

In my first week, we were encouraged to bring our full selves to work and I think this is only possible because Deloitte fosters an inclusive environment. I’m a member of the Deloitte Black Network and the Multicultural Network, and was able to put my academic background to use as a Lunch and Learn Lead for Black History Month. I found it really empowering that this role was able to be a form of practice development, because it made me feel like Deloitte valued these events as a core part of their culture.

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Business Transformation Analyst
“There’s such a focus on wellbeing and our mental health here, and the support and understanding that you receive from everyone around you, no matter the grade, is amazing.”

How did you find the application process? Any advice?

I thought it was going to be extremely daunting and I didn’t really think I’d make it. The best advice I can give anyone going into it is to just believe in yourself and that you are as good as anyone else. The application is designed so that Deloitte can learn a lot about you, your values and personality, rather than just looking at your grades and what uni you went to. Deloitte want to get to know the real you, so really use the application process as a chance to demonstrate who you are, share your aspirations and the positive impact you will bring to the table.

What’s the most innovative project you’ve worked on?

I think it’s my most recent project where we were developing a health, safety & wellbeing measurement strategy for a client that wanted to really take a step forward in the area. Measuring wellbeing is such an interesting topic which has been bubbling up the past 3 – 5 years, but as it is such a new area it can often be one that many businesses really get wrong. I’m a data analyst, so it was so exciting to be able to dive into the data and start identifying what actually influences an employee’s wellbeing, but also to be able to spot key indicators that will help prevent poor employee wellbeing. This will allow so many organisations to better manage it, identify the risks and, most importantly, help and support their employees.

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Business Transformation Analyst
“I believe Deloitte really is trying to make a difference in the world.”

Do you feel you make a difference through your work?

I believe Deloitte really is trying to make a difference in the world. I’ve seen tangible positive outcomes from initiatives such as our Black Action Plan, five million futures programme, and green projects. I know I’ve personally made a difference too. My first project was for a housing association that provides affordable housing in the south east of England.

Is Deloitte diverse and inclusive?

There are a whole host of inclusion initiatives happening across our firm. I’m working as part of our Diversity and Inclusion team to create a sponsorship programme for female and minority ethnic colleagues, for example. I’ve also been involved in a listening session for our south Asian colleagues. We talked about brown expectations, cultural taboos and our true selves in a really authentic session. We were able to empathise with each other, based on our shared experiences, and one of the highlights for me was seeing the cross-cultural similarities of everyone.

What’s working from home been like?

When the pandemic hit, our managers were really quick to make sure we were all coping well, by introducing lots of virtual socials and ways to connect. Everyone is really friendly and willing to have a chat over a cup of coffee - or tea in my case. It’s also made it even easier to enjoy hobbies outside work. I dance ballroom and Latin at the weekends and evenings, and everyone is very respectful of our free time.

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Actuarial, Reward & Analytics
“My first project as a graduate involved developing a new interest rate model. I was given the freedom to design the features and to write the maths required.”

Tell us about your job and the best things about it

I develop models for economic variables such as interest rates, inflation and equities. These models are used by life insurers to value their liabilities.

I love having the chance to work on research tasks outside academia and to use maths in my daily work.

The size of Deloitte means there are a wide number of different projects to get involved with, abroad, on client site, and in Deloitte offices.

Tell us about the support you get – and give – at Deloitte, beyond the day job

I am part of the Women in Leadership network. The Director who leads the Capital Markets Group presented at one of these meetings and they are an opportunity to hear from leaders across the firm.

I am also on the recruitment team. This is a way to give something back after the support I received during my internship.

Flexible working is encouraged in my team. I personally make the most of the opportunity to start work earlier and to leave earlier.

I make the most of my support network and ask colleagues for help where needed.

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