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Student opportunities in Risk Advisory

In these rapidly evolving times, we’re defining the future. As well as helping clients to comply with changing laws and best practice, you’ll transform their businesses. It’s about understanding and anticipating the risks that come from uncertainty, whether that’s cyber threat, financial, operational, or a myriad of other risks. And offering innovative solutions that not only build resilience, but deliver a competitive advantage.

Why work in Risk Advisory?

You’ll work with, and learn from, brilliant people. People who disrupt how our clients traditionally respond to uncertainty in their business; who combine deep expertise and innovative digital technology across all areas of risk to help our clients drive better performance. And importantly people who care about the world around them and use their expertise to make an impact in society.

Join us and you’ll become a specialist in the issues that keep our clients awake at night. You’ll help bring new, innovative solutions and products to market and will be empowered to take responsibility for developing, delivering and running the future for your clients.

We work with major organisations across the corporate, financial and public sectors; from the largest household names to smaller clients in niche or emerging industries. We give you a huge breadth of career options, including opportunities to work on global client engagements with colleagues across the entire Deloitte network.

So many paths are open to you in Risk Advisory. You can choose to specialise in a broad range of business or technological competencies. Focus on joining interesting new teams and developing products and businesses from scratch... Whichever way you go, you’ll be nurtured and developed throughout your career.

Explore your Options:

Climate & Sustainability

What we do

Climate change and a more sustainable future are top of the agenda for all organisations. Over the past twenty years our thinking in this field has helped to define many of the frameworks and guidelines that are now well-established in global businesses. Today, we are recognised as a place where some of the world’s best Sustainability work gets done. Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the most influential organisations around from across all sorts of industries – financial services, real estate, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, energy and resources, and more - helping them understand their climate-related risks and opportunities, as well as supporting them to realise their strategic sustainability goals. To help our clients, we’ve built an integrated, end-to-end offer that supports household names and challenger brands.

From improving safety performance, to reimagining business models for a low-carbon future, our network of sustainability consultants give businesses the courage to drive real change and build competitive advantage. Organisations face a complex world of dynamic, interconnected challenges: from environmental degradation and human growth, to shifting geopolitical power and industry 4.0. We help businesses manage these issues and respond to the risks and opportunities they represent with courage and curiosity.

Our team delivers six main offerings:

  • Sustainability strategy and governance – Helping businesses stand up to stakeholder scrutiny, meet regulatory demands and increase their resilience for the long-term.
  • Sustainable finance – Working with organisations to integrate environmental, social and governance criteria into financing strategies and decision-making.
  • Sustainability assurance and reporting - Supporting businesses to understand and communicate performance on sustainability issues.
  • Climate change and decarbonisation - Helping clients to act on climate change and build resilience for the future.
  • Ethical value chain - Providing confidence to clients that their supply chains are of the highest standards in relation to labour, human rights and the environment.
  • Health, safety and environment management - Helping clients build greater confidence and optimised performance in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management.

Your career

As part of our team, you’ll help clients manage environmental, social and governance issues that transform how we live and work. You’ll help them focus on what matters most, so they can drive the change needed to meet society’s expectations and get ahead of their competition. Being agile, engaged, and innovative is vital if you’re to understand a diverse range of challenges and develop pioneering solutions for clients across industries.

You’ll get to work across a range of subject matter areas, from climate strategy to diversity and inclusion, spanning both assurance and advisory engagement. We often work with other Deloitte teams to offer a holistic approach to sustainability challenges. Meaning you’ll gain experience of how responsible business strategies are intertwined with end-to-end business processes – whether that’s tax, supply chains, or investment decisions. As part of our team, you will be central to delivering Deloitte’s purpose: finding solutions to some of the most pressing issues our country faces and making an impact that matters.

Controllership, Accounting & Reporting

What we do

Working closely with the CFO we help our clients manage all elements of their finance functions, from accounting and financial reporting, emerging regulation and complex data challenges, to finance transformations and digital controllership. Much more than control and reporting, an effective finance function drives overall strategy and direction too, acting as a catalyst for positive change. Our clients are diverse in scale, industry and location, so you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills across a broad range of corporate and public sector organisations.

The role of the finance function is evolving and it is now more vital than ever to the success of corporate and public sector organisations. Much of our work is client facing and we work with Finance leaders, including CFOs and Finance Directors, to help diagnose and solve their challenges. Our work involves a mixture of strategic advice and hands on implementation, delivered by our diverse team of Finance professionals.

Our team have the skills to address issues across all elements of Finance functions. These include helping clients design an effective Finance operating model, adopt digital Finance solutions, deliver best in class Finance processes, prepare insightful management reporting, develop business partnering capabilities, implement new Financial Reporting Standards, support mergers and acquisitions, achieve a faster monthly close and improve working capital.

Your career

You’ll be required to study for the ICAEW’s ACA qualification for your first three years, to become a Chartered Accountant. We fund your college, learning materials, exams and study leave for this.

We welcome curiosity, proactivity and ambition. In return, we provide on the job learning from our experienced team and access to a training syllabus. Each client project provides new learning opportunities and you usually rotate around a variety of projects each year. This will help you develop strong accounting/Finance, technical (e.g. Excel, Visio, PowerPoint) and soft skills that will set up your long-term career.

You will gain experience and access to a variety of proven tools and methodologies, and the variety of work means no two projects are the same. Throughout your career with us you will be continually challenged, developing and growing as you work with diverse clients, issues and stakeholders, collaboratively developing solutions. We regularly form cross-service-line teams, which means you will often work with experts from across the firm.

The following links and articles give examples of current developments in the world of Finance. We recommend searching the Deloitte website for other related content:


What we do

In an increasingly digital world, cyber brings new opportunities and threats. Our market-leading cyber risk services help clients address those threats to build smarter, faster, more connected futures. Whether you get involved in the strategic or technical side (or both) you’ll be working with cutting-edge technologies on all kinds of challenging projects to mitigate cyber risks. From ethically hacking client systems to understanding which cyber threats could have the biggest impact, your work will keep clients safe, secure and one step ahead.

We help our clients identify and protect their critical information and assets, and make intelligent decisions about their people, processes and technology. Ultimately, this is about ensuring that they can not only survive disruption, but thrive in a competitive market.

We provide them with deep technical knowledge and expertise. This may involve implementing protective technologies, helping detect signs of attack and assisting with incident response and recovery activities. Such as compliance with new regulations and understanding which cyber threats could have the biggest impact.

Your career

You’ll be part of a team that helps our clients understand and respond to the threats they face using our deep technical expertise, solving challenges such as detecting unknown or unseen threats, and configuring and managing access solutions to information and systems. As well as defining their cyber strategy, and identifying and contextualising the threats and threat actors to an organisation.

Here, you have a wide variety of options for your cyber career. For example you could become an ethical hacker, or cyber incident responder. You could become a cloud security specialist or implement and advise on security, from industrial control systems to the internet of things.

You’re sure to make a huge impact here, for your clients and your career, and for wider society too. You can help us train organisations in what it means to be cyber aware; work with non-profit organisations that teach young adults how to stay safe online; or become one of our many cyber security ambassadors, who’ve worked in schools and on government initiatives, such as Cyber First.

Discover our Cyber opportunities

Data & Analytics

What we do

Storing, using, and interpreting data presents complex and challenging issues for our clients. You’ll work with some of the best minds around: from data scientists, sportspeople, and mathematicians to academics, ex-traders and industry leaders – to help clients from across all industries and sectors understand how they can improve their business performance through the management and use of their data. Whether it’s financial, operational, commercial or regulatory information, we are able to provide insight, add value and manage risks for our clients.

There is no typical Data & Analytics client or project. Poor or misused data is a problem that affects all organisations, regardless of size or business model, and using data in new and innovative ways can be an opportunity for clients across all industries. This means that we work with a huge variety of companies; from banks, insurers, and other major financial institutions, to high-street businesses, government institutions and other global corporations.

Our inter-disciplinary model ensures we’re able to deliver complex models and solutions, but also respond to the needs of specialised proposals. We’ll call in additional experts where necessary too. Which means you’re likely to meet and work with all kinds of inspiring and deeply knowledgeable people throughout your career.

Key project areas:

  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics
  • Information Management (Data Quality, Data Governance, Data Migration)
  • Data & Software Engineering (Data Architecture, solution design and user experience, cloud infrastructure)

Your career

One of the fastest growing and highest performing areas of our business, Data & Analytics offers exceptional opportunities for your career. Many problems tackled here can be applied to clients across different industries, and the core skills you’ll develop are highly transferable. You’ll experience a huge variety of client and project types, and will be responsible for drawing out, refining and clearly articulating complex data stories and concepts to our clients. No prior data or coding experience is required, but there are opportunities to pursue specialised fields such as data science and artificial intelligence should you be interested.

Deloitte Managed Solutions

What we do

We manage our client’s most complex operational challenges when they don’t have the expertise, infrastructure or people to manage it themselves. Our delivery model combines strategic process re-engineering, operational management and the deployment of innovative technologies. We work across multiple sectors and businesses in the UK, Europe and rest of world.

Our clients are generally characterised as organisations who have a crisis, reputational, regulatory or business processing issues. You’ll grow your knowledge and expertise across multiple sectors; working with pioneering architecture and cutting-edge technology such as robotic and cognitive automation.

We work across multiple sectors and businesses in the UK, Europe and rest of world. Our clients are generally characterised as organisations who have a crisis, reputational, regulatory or business processing issue that they do not have the capacity, expertise, technology or processes to manage themselves.

Examples of the type of work we do include:

  • large scale complaints and claims management
  • crisis and litigation related document review
  • customer outreach and data breach responses

DMS – Robotics and Intelligent Automation

Within DMS is a growing team focused on Robotic and Intelligent Automation. This team specialises in applying pioneering technology, such as Robotic and Intelligent Automation (R&IA) and Artificial Intelligence, advising clients on their automation strategy, alongside designing, building and running robotics solutions on their behalf.

What makes us different in DMS? The scale and size of our engagements (some of our projects have teams of over 500 people), and the constant harnessing of innovative technology and working methods, to refine and enhance our client propositions.

Your career

You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the UK’s leading firms in this fast-paced and challenging area. The sheer diversity of roles here means you can create your own individual career path. Choose to run large-scale operations, for example, or become a specialist in an operational field e.g. Quality, Risk, Finance, PMO,, or become a solution architect, implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, or any number of options in between. We’ll support you all the way.

Extended Enterprise

What we do

You’ll help clients evaluate and manage the risks associated with their vital third-party relationships; from customers and suppliers, to distributors, licensees and franchises. Working with senior people in many different businesses, you’ll deliver point-in-time solutions and ongoing managed service solutions that help them maintain brand integrity and maximise their performance. What we do promotes good governance behaviours, affecting how businesses operate and work with one another. Which means our people can feel great pride in being part of something that has such a positive impact.

The success of third party relationships is critical to our clients. Our Extended Enterprise Risk Management professionals help maximise the benefits gained from the relationships our clients have with various business partners. We specialise in advising our clients on how best to identify and manage the risks that come with contractual relationships, with the aim of delivering tangible solutions across our five propositions: Third Party Advisory (TPA), Business Partner Assurance (BPA), Software Licence Compliance (SLC), Software Asset Management (SAM) and Corporate Intelligence Service (CIS).

Our people work across all sectors; from sports, pharmaceuticals to financial services, and with various stakeholders within the client’s third-party businesses. These can include the Chief Information Officer, procurement teams, IT teams and many others.

From using the latest technology to developing our own, to transforming the way that we work; innovation and being ahead of the game is critical to our business. You could be part of our dedicated EERM Fit for the Future team when you join us. We’ve already developed unique in-house tools to automate our analytics, and we’re continuously working with exciting technology companies on contract discovery technology to automate entire lifecycle processes. We’re also exploring how block chain, machine learning, automation and internet of things can become part of our daily business.

Your career

Working with us means all kinds of exciting opportunities and you’ll have the chance to work on projects across diverse industries, including technology, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and the public sector. You’ll collaborate with senior people and key stakeholders in many different businesses and geographies. Recent projects have seen us operate in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. You’ll also have the chance to bring your voice to the table and help make change happen.

We also regularly form cross-service-line teams, which means you will often be working with experts across the firm, to solve complex client challenges.

Non Financial Risk

What we do

You’ll join a market leading team and work with top tier financial institutions, helping them manage change that’s driven by regulation and strategic risk issues. We specialise in innovative advice and solutions, offering clients services that help them manage conduct of business, corporate governance and operational risk issues as well as regulatory compliance - so the opportunity to develop a varied range of knowledge and expertise here is vast.

Deloitte has built a market leading team that supports top tier financial institutions in managing and implementing change, driven by new regulatory and strategic risk management objectives.

The team specialises in providing innovative advice and solutions whilst assisting clients with balancing the need for regulatory compliance with commercial considerations. We develop and implement RegTech solutions to supplement our client’s current risk management processes.

Your career

You will support top tier financial institutions, from retail banks to insurers and asset managers to investment banks. As a team, we often work with Chief Risk Officers, Chief Compliance Officers and Chief Operating Officers, to deliver risk management capabilities that are tailored to the individual characteristics of the client and the risk sophistication of the Board of Directors. We work across a range of functions within Financial Services firms, from Front Office teams, Compliance departments, Senior Management to the Board of Directors.

An important part of your personal development is ensuring we give you the opportunity to complete both internal and external training. The completion of training will help both your technical and soft skills. You will sit exams with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) – Level 4 UK Regulation and Professional Integrity and Level 6 Regulation and Compliance – to attain relevant technical knowledge for your role with us. You will also have access to Deloitte-wide courses, including innovation, solutions and sector-specific training.

Operational Risk

What we do

The hugely volatile external environment means internal audit and control has never been more important. We partner with our clients to help them build, manage and transform their internal audit functions to improve quality and drive down costs. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills across a broad range of activities – from regulatory compliance and risk management, to strategic effectiveness reviews, fraud detection and more.

Managing risk, compliance, and establishing effective control is at the heart of good governance; it’s vital to sustaining superior business performance. We help businesses manage the risks and challenges they face every day, by designing, implementing and providing confidence and insight on their processes.

We deliver solutions in the following inter-connected areas:

  • Strategic risk management
  • Governance
  • Regulatory compliance – assessment, design, implementation and assurance
  • Internal audit delivery – outsourced and co-sourced
  • Internal audit advisory – transforming IA
  • Change risk management
  • Operational excellence/controls advisory

Your career

The opportunities here are vast. You’ll have exposure to clients from day one, working on client site and attending meetings. While the diversity of our client base, both in size and industry, means you’ll get to understand the inner workings and challenges faced by all kinds of organisations, including major global companies.

Project timescales range from a week to several months long, giving you plenty of variety, with opportunities to work with different people, including colleagues across the firm, in the UK and overseas.

Reputation, Crisis & Resilience

What we do

We advise and support clients at every stage of the crisis life-cycle – from assessing potential risks to monitoring, preventing and responding to them. Whatever your area of focus, you can be sure you’ll work with innovative tools, cutting-edge technologies, fascinating industries, and experts from across the Deloitte business.

The Reputation, Crisis & Resilience (RCR) team works with clients to help them put plans in place for responding to known risks and anticipate the unexpected, as well as enable them to mobilise quickly and flexibly to manage and resolve high impact events and issues. These can be diverse in nature and range from acts of terrorism, industrial disputes and severe weather to health pandemics, share price collapse, IT outages and data breaches. In order to successfully respond to crises, the RCR team focuses on helping clients understand what ‘resilience’ really means for them, and helping them become more resilient so they can pivot quickly and respond positively to uncertainty.

We work with a broad range of clients, diverse both in size and industry. Examples include investment banks, retail giants, telecommunications providers and public sector bodies. This breadth gives you the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the challenges, risks and opportunities faced by clients, both within the UK and globally.

Your career

During your first few weeks with the firm, you will receive training designed to cover the basics of the work we deliver for clients and on the training programme you’ll develop skills across the breadth of our services. Specifically, these are based on our team’s six key service offerings: Major Risks and Events Planning & Readiness, Crisis Management & Crisis Communications, Issues Management, Business Continuity & Supply Chain Resilience, Reputation Management, and Live Response. In addition, there are opportunities to pursue professional qualifications, as well as our Learning and Development programme, which covers the soft skills you need as somebody new to professional services, such as report writing, problem solving and making an impact.

Risk & Regulation

What we do

The regulatory landscape faced by the financial services industry has never been more complex. Our industry leading financial risk teams support top tier financial institutions with some of their most challenging business issues. You’ll work with and learn from experts across Deloitte’s global network, supporting senior clients to achieve the right balance between meeting regulatory requirements and running a commercially successful business.

Our Risk and Regulation businesses provide in-depth skills and expertise across the risk and finance management spectrum, which, combined with an operational and practical understanding of the regulatory framework, ensures that we can deliver solution-orientated outcomes for complex challenges in partnership with our clients. The team is focused on prudential regulations (covering, credit risk, market risk, liquidity / funding related risks) as well as structural reform related change, including the impact of Brexit.

The regulatory landscape faced by the financial services industry has never been more complex. Confronted by a series of changes from national and international regulators, many of which overlap and interact in ways that are difficult to predict, many institutions find their ability to keep up and adopt best practice challenging.

We’re here to help. We’ve built a market leading team that supports top tier financial institutions in managing change. We work with the most senior level people and are often asked by our clients to help them strike the right balance between meeting regulatory requirements and running a commercially successful business.

They look to us to not just provide in-depth technical expertise and knowledge, but also to help them benchmark their own approach against their competitors and the expectations of regulators. This combination of exceptional technical ability and extensive industry knowledge is what enables us to really make a positive contribution.

Risk and Capital Management -Traded Risk:

Focusing on risk and capital modelling for traded risk (market risk & counterparty credit risk) at investment banks, commercial banks and capital market firms, we assist firms in development, review of model design and implementation, extensions and remediation, regulatory waiver applications, and analysing the impact of new and upcoming regulation on regulatory capital.

Risk and Capital Management -Treasury, Liquidity & Capital Management:

Working with Treasury, Finance and Liquidity Risk Management teams to help them address the following types of challenges:

  • Implementing liquidity capital reporting requirements
  • Optimisation of operating model and infrastructure
  • Process, control and data
  • Embedding risk management through governance and Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)
  • Working closely with CROs, Credit Risk Management and internal audit teams, at global institutions through to smaller banks in the UK, we help to address the following challenges:
    • Credit risk regulations
    • Operating model and efficiency
    • Architecture, design and delivery

Risk and Capital Management - Structural Efficiency:

Working across all business and functional areas of banks, Structural Efficiency is a strategic response to the needs of our clients in addressing regulatory and commercial demands on their business. Key elements include:

  • Operational continuity
  • Ringfencing
  • Legal entity restructuring / entity setup
  • Booking model
  • Recovery and resolution plans

Financial Risk Measurement

Helps clients to develop, validate, execute, apply and audit risk models, combining technical insight with practical business knowledge. The team helps clients to design and implement effective credit risk modelling; risk adjusted pricing processes and stress testing methodologies.

Your career

Making the most of the training opportunities at Deloitte is important to your personal development and will enhance both your technical and soft skills. Your training may include internal courses covering a variety of subjects, such as an introduction to banking and capital management, improving presentation skills and literacy in Microsoft applications. It can also include formal credentials, such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Risk Management (FRM) or Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) qualifications. Our team encourages continuous professional development, and will support you throughout the duration of your training.

Technology Digital Risk (TDR)

What we do

Technology and digital transformation are at the core of business strategy, enabling organisation’s to exploit competitive advantages and keep pace with market disruptors. As dependency on technology increases so does technology and digital risk, unless it is adequately managed. In Technology and Digital Risk (TDR) we help organisations to manage this risk, allowing them to make intelligent risk-based decisions over business processes, technology and digital operations.

The type of work we do includes:

TDR Assurance

  • Third Party Assurance: We help organisations with addressing regulator and marketplace demand to manage third-party risk through our third-party readiness and attestation services.
  • IT External Audit: We help organisations by delivering risk and control services related to IT, entity level, and business process controls.
  • Analytics: We help organisations with exploring data to discover and analyse patterns, identify anomalies, profile, and reveal relationships from large sets of client data.

TDR Advisory

  • Digital Risk: We help organisations take advantage of the benefits of innovative new technology, support their digital transformation and better manage their legacy technology through risk intelligent solutions, advisory and managed services.
  • Program/Project Review: We help organisations review their technology project and program portfolio and provide senior stakeholders with an accurate, independent view on program status and health.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance: We help organisations assess, design and implement GRC systems for a broad range of risk areas including IT Risk, resilience, compliance, operational risk, third party risk management and Enterprise Risk Management.

We work with a broad range of clients, both private and public sector. From leading global financial services firms to the largest multi-national corporate businesses such as telecoms providers, major manufacturers, retailers and energy providers across the FTSE100.

TDR Analytics

We help organisations analyse vast amounts of data to measure key performance and risk indicators, identify patterns and anomalies and reveal insight about their business processes.

We work closely with external, internal audit and client teams to deploy sophisticated analytics solutions to address specific operational and financial risks.

We offer our clients specialist assurance experience and relevant subject matter expertise to help gain value from their sizeable data assets.

We add value through our ability to offer industry and peer group insights, and support broader challenges of the business.

Your career

You’ll be joining a fast-growing and high-performing team of specialists at the cutting-edge of the technology and digital revolution. The diversity of our client base, both in size and industry type means that you’ll get unprecedented exposure to the inner workings and challenges faced by all kinds of organisations including major global companies.

You’ll become a technology and digital risk specialist and get the opportunity to develop your technical knowledge, as well as softer skills, to become a true ‘leader’. You don’t need to be a technology expert to join our team, but a passion for learning more about this area is key. We’re extremely proud of the diverse backgrounds of the individuals who make up our team.

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