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What can you do in Real Assets?

Combining traditional property and engineering services with financial and business advisory expertise makes Deloitte’s Real Asset Advisory offering truly unique. From regenerating the Olympic Park, to advising the most influential businesses in the world on their real asset portfolios, or planning a new town or transport system. The wide spectrum of services we offer means you’ll gain experience across every sector and industry. Working collaboratively, you’ll develop the skills needed to provide consultative and transaction services, as well as a variety of specialist advice to your clients across the UK and abroad.

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Discover the possibilities at Deloitte, find out from our people how we can give you the support and training to get your career off to a flying start.

Career options

“Never did I imagine how lucky I’d get to land a job at Deloitte and how amazing that job would be!”
Diya, Real Assets Advisory
Development & Assurance
Develop your surveying skills and property market knowledge through combining property expertise with financial and business advice within our Development and Valuation offerings, working to become a Chartered Surveyor (RICS). Work with clients at a strategic level to deliver town planning, housing regeneration schemes, working to become a Chartered Planner (RTPI).
Occupiers & Capital Projects
Advise everyone from property owners and corporate occupiers, to government, investors and lenders on complex property and infrastructure-related business issues, working to become CIMA qualified.

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“I was given responsibility and trusted to do core work from the day I joined.”
Diya, Real Assets Advisory

Our people are engaged in some of the most exciting and challenging real estate projects in the UK and beyond. Here are just a few examples:

Regenerating the home of Coronation Street

When ITV moved from its Quay Street site in Manchester – the home of the iconic television soap Coronation Street since its first broadcast in 1960 - to MediaCity, Deloitte was appointed to help regenerate Quay Street. We advised on an interim destination for new cultural and leisure uses and worked on a long term strategic regeneration framework for the site.

Here East, London

Launched in October 2016, Here East is a world-leading technology and digital cluster in the Olympic Park. The former Olympics Broadcast Centre is now a well-designed business and innovation space for a 5,300 strong workforce supported by restaurants, shops and other facilities. We secured planning permission for the development including the use of innovative design codes and strategies to deliver the scheme while maintaining high quality design.

National Grid

The growth in renewable energy sources means that the National Grid has a number of brownfield sites which no longer need to accommodate wrought iron gasometers that were traditionally used to store gas. We worked with the National Grid and the Berkeley Group to establish a Joint Venture to help sell these sites. We continue to be involved with planning their regeneration.

Award winning Manchester residential project

We worked with Manchester City Council to produce innovative, proactive and accessible guidance that encourages high quality residential housing design. We consulted with professional and community organisations, as well as the local community. The award winning document we created as result is a material consideration for applications in Manchester.

“I’ve done the Centre Point sleep out twice (Centre Point is a charity that supports the homeless) and also took part in a fun run for charity.”
Lauren Mays

Being part of Deloitte means being part of the world around you. We positively encourage you to make an impact for wider society as well as your clients and your career.

You can volunteer to work with organisations supporting a huge breadth of different causes, or take part in a charity event. If you have an idea or passion for something we’re not currently involved in, let us know, or take on the challenge of organising it yourself and inspiring others to join in.

What do our people say?

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Real Assets Advisory
“It’s great to be able to engage with and learn from such a diverse team, with such amazing skills and knowledge, on a day-to-day basis.”

What’s surprised you most about your role?

I’m surprised I use creative thinking so much in my job. I’ve learnt to use Adobe InDesign to support with creative work, designing documents, which I never would have expected.

I also need creative thinking for problem solving, as well as financial modelling. Quite often, as the client updates information, we need to identify the most efficient way to process the data. This is when I’ve had the opportunity to think outside the box and develop solutions for the tasks at hand.

What are the best things about your job?

For me, my favourite part of working in Real Assets is that it results in something tangible. You can witness a scheme come to life, and have a material impact on people’s lives or way of living.

Working in Real Assets Advisory specifically, I enjoy the wide-ranging nature of the work we do, as well as the opportunity to engage with clients on a strategy level. You’re given responsibility very early on, and have the opportunity to learn and grow at an exponential rate.

What’s special about the people in your team?

How friendly and supportive everyone is. If I have an issue, whether professional or personal, I can speak up and I know I’ll be supported. Even the senior individuals always find time to help if you have a problem; they help you think through it, rather than telling you what to do, even if that takes them a little longer.

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Real Estate Consulting
“I didn’t appreciate how diverse the work is.”

How did you end up at Deloitte?

I decided not to go to university, as I didn’t know what to study and the fees had gone up. So I interviewed for roles in London, mainly at large firms, including competitors of Deloitte.

I chose Deloitte because the interview was one of the best experiences I’ve had. My interviewer was friendly, which made me feel a lot more relaxed. My cousin had also worked here, and had a good personal experience. I initially joined as a team assistant, but I’ve since joined the BrightStart scheme.

Apprentices here are treated exactly the same as graduates, with the same responsibilities and opportunities. My daily routine and the projects I work on have been very diverse; I’ve worked for different clients, developing new skills every day. In Real Estate you also get to do site visits; it’s great to get out of the office occasionally.

What’s that project you wish you’d worked on?

If I’d joined earlier, I could have been involved in the London Olympics. But I joined the firm just after. Various teams in Deloitte Real Estate were involved and I wish I’d had the opportunity to work on something as iconic as this.

I did have the opportunity to go to an event at Number 10 Downing Street though, with a small group from Deloitte. I met David Cameron, as well as members from the apprenticeship delivery board.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best things about my job are the wide range of projects I get to work on and the friends I’ve made during my career. I didn’t appreciate how diverse the work is. And I’ve developed so many skills and learned a lot from the people I have worked with.

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