Tax. But not as you know it.

Robots. Creative Thinking. Solving complex challenges. If you thought a career in tax was all about filing returns, think again. You’ll be doing challenging, meaningful work from day one. Learning, collaborating, making an impact that matters.

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What you can do in Tax Consulting

We’re a new generation of tax consultants who bring strategy, technology, compliance and tax advisory together to identify where businesses and organisations need to be, then get them there. Fast. This is about solving complex intellectual challenges. Helping clients make the right decisions, on a worldwide scale, by working collaboratively and creatively; by finding new, better ways of working, including letting robots take care of the more mundane tasks. (Thanks Doris. Yes, they do have names here). All of which means you get to see the bigger picture and become an expert in your specialist field.

Meet our people

Discover the possibilities at Deloitte, find out from our people how we can give you the support and training to get your career off to a flying start.

Career options

“The people are great, there is a family and community feel to the teams and there’s such a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.”
Conor, Sustainability
Business Tax
From banking giants to pop stars, deliver trusted business and tax advice for all kinds of clients.

Discover how Tax Consulting fits within Deloitte
Deloitte Total Rewards & Benefits
Our pensions advisory business, (DTRB for short) helps clients navigate the ever-changing pensions landscape, You’ll have the opportunity to work with clients from every sector, each with a unique situation that requires our advice.

Discover how Tax Consulting fits within Deloitte
Global Employer Services (GES)
Advise employers on the legal aspects of moving staff around the globe and on planning the right rewards for their people.

Discover how Tax Consulting fits within Deloitte
Indirect Tax
Impact almost every transaction your client makes, as you really get to know their business and advise them.

Discover how Tax Consulting fits within Deloitte
Legal Entity Management
The Legal Entity Management team provide a mix of services related to the management and governance of legal entities. You’ll also support our clients on a number of strategic, company secretarial, subsidiary governance and legal entity restructuring projects.

Discover how Legal fits within Deloitte
Tax Management Consulting (TMC)
In Tax Management Consulting, we help clients to understand and transform their processes, technology and resourcing models and, where appropriate, offer global outsourcing capabilities. We have a market-leading reputation in the UK and across Europe, and we are the largest integrated tax process and technology team of the Big 4.

Discover how Tax Management Consulting fits within Deloitte
You’ll learn to combine tax expertise with commercial acumen. Work closely with other parties, like corporate finance advisors and lawyers, to ensure our clients successfully navigate through complicated transactions.

Discover how Tax Consulting fits within Deloitte
Challenge the old and influence what is yet to happen. Join a growing team of people with diverse skills to imagine, develop and create new concepts, to solve our client’s most complex challenges. All with the agility of a start-up.

Discover how Tax Consulting fits within Deloitte

Explore Tax Consulting

“There are so many opportunities to get involved with exciting projects.”
Jenny, Business Tax

You could be advising a movie star on their personal taxes, working with a finance director on the detail of a new football sponsorship deal, helping a retailer navigate immigration laws, tasting a new food product to work out if it’s subject to VAT, setting the right level of pay for board level executives… our projects are as diverse as the clients we work with.

“My team is very diverse, all coming from different fields. It enables us to view a problem from lots of different angles and come up with new, innovative solutions.”
Cameron Sit

Have you met Doris? She’s just one of the robots* we now use to gather data and populate tax returns, saving us thousands of hours. Which leaves you free to focus on reviewing and advising from early on in your career.

We’ve also used virtual reality to show our employment tax clients around their new offices and homes abroad. Saving their business time and money on international flights. A different – digital – way for our clients to engage with the challenge of cross-border movement of staff.

Just two examples of how innovation is helping us all do what we do better, faster.

*Yes, we do name our robots!

“I’m also a buddy to a Summer Vacation Scheme student.”
Cameron Sit

Tax is not just accountancy, it’s a moral issue, headline news, and a boardroom agenda item. Your advice will not only influence the decisions businesses make at the highest levels, it can even help change tax laws, as we sit on working groups with HMRC to represent the views of our clients.

Whether you’re creating the latest tax app, flying to India to coach the next generation of staff, or running client workshops in our immersive experience spaces, you’ll have the opportunity to shine in front of our clients and teams from day one.

What do our people say?

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Business Tax
“The work is so varied, that’s part of what I love about my job.”

What was your biggest misconception before working here?

I think a lot of people have preconceptions about tax advisors, myself included. I didn’t really understand the job before I started. I thought tax would be really numbers-based, but it’s not at all. It involves research, proposals, and a lot of direct work with clients, advising them.

I was also worried that the job would be a bit overwhelming – in terms of all the information I’d need to get to grips with – and that I wouldn’t pass the exams. We only get two attempts at each one; but so far so good. And I’m really enjoying the challenge of the work I do.

I would definitely recommend doing the Summer Vacation Scheme in your penultimate year at university. I found it such a good indication of what the job is really like, and the firm get to know you before you go through the application process too.

Tell us about your team?

It’s a big team in Manchester; there are about 90 of us in Business Tax. There’s so much variation in people’s backgrounds and experiences, which is great. It’s not only really interesting to understand their stories but I learn so much from them all too.

I think it’s really important to be genuine and honest at work, and I’m able to do that here. I can be completely myself.

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“Being trusted early on with this level of client visibility and responsibly is really motivating.”

What do you do? And what's the most exciting thing about it?

I work with individuals who are being sent to work in a different country and we advise them on the tax implications of their move. Our main goal is to make sure the individual and company are both being compliant with the UK and local laws.

We work with global businesses and international employees, which means there are many different opportunities, including working abroad. Be that with another Deloitte office or on secondment with a client.

My most exciting project so far is one I’m working on right now: the Business Traveler tool. This allows employees to complete a pre-travel assessment to see if they’re ok to take a business trip to a particular country, looking at the tax, immigration and social security implications of the move. It’s something completely different and I’m excited to see this new proposition grow.

Is there life at Deloitte beyond the day job?

There’s a lot going on here other than client work. I’ve been able to take part in Deloitte’s One Million Futures programme, for example, and have signed up to be a mentor this year.

There’s a good social side too. We have regular client, team and wider group socials. That’s on top of the various seasonal, summer and Christmas parties. Also, I occasionally work from home, whenever I need to get away quickly or have anything planned in the evening near home. Everyone is really flexible and accommodating. They understand we all have lives too.

Why should I join Deloitte?

I really believe you won’t progress as fast anywhere else. Deloitte will definitely value you for who you are and you’ll be heavily invested in through training, care networks, volunteering opportunities, the list goes on.

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