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Technology is the heart of innovation. It enables global transformations. It connects us – at work and in our personal lives, every second of every day. There has never been a better time to work in the most fascinating, fastest-growing industry in the world. And it’s not just about a career. It’s about sharing knowledge and passion with the next generation. Let’s help create the future, together.

Diversity in Technology

At Deloitte we believe in diversity in all its forms. Each one of us contributes to innovation and delivery of technology in our own way; leveraging our personality, passions and expertise. To continue to grow such richness of talent, we constantly invest in our Deloitte Women in Technology network, to support our people and to inspire the next generation of future technologists.

A few decades ago, women were at the forefront of technology and research: the world’s first computer programmer, the inventor of the first language-based computer programme and the creator of STP (Straight Through Processing), were all women.

Today, fewer and fewer girls are studying technology, or see themselves working in this field; an area that, more than any other, will shape and design the future. A future we will all share together. Technology does not have a gender; it needs a multitude of individual and diverse voices.

We believe it is our collective responsibility to inspire more young girls (and boys) to take control, and influence their futures, and solve the problems of tomorrow through the science and creativity of technology.

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Supporting Women in Tech

Bringing talented women into technology is important to us. That's why we created a role specifically focussed on how we can do it better. Hear Inclusion and Diversity Manager Sheree talk to apprentice Amy about what she’s doing to support Women in technology

Life at Deloitte

The work we do

We’re involved in all sorts of fascinating projects: investigating how Artificial Intelligence is changing the physics of Financial Services; using BlockChain technology to redefine how we share identity credentials; creating a disruptive analytics product that helps retailers optimise their markdown strategies. Our teams are pioneering the future of professional services by creating software that solves some of our clients’ biggest challenges.

We have partnerships with leading technology brands, such as McLaren Applied technologies. And we’re working with cutting-edge technologies to help solve and prevent financial crime. In short: whatever sparks your interest, there is something here for you.

In short: whatever sparks your interest or whatever you want to impact, there is something here for you.

"The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled."

Nia Wyland, Products & Solutions

Professional opportunities in Technology

From complex analytics to cyber security, coding to cloud, product development to project management, digital strategy to major infrastructure change; we cover every angle of technology. Our voices are diverse but work in collaborative harmony to make an impact for clients and for the future of our communities.

“If you’re passionate about technology but also want to understand how it’s being used in a business context then this is the right place for you. There are so many different projects and areas you can be involved in.”

Desy Kristianti, Consulting

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Life at Deloitte

With respect at the heart of our inclusive culture, everyone at Deloitte is valued for who they are and the unique impact they make.

Flexible Working

We’re all juggling demanding careers with other commitments and interests. Our agile working culture enables everyone to explore the best options for them, including part-time options in full-commitment careers. There are also several routes into a career here, like through our award winning Return to Work Programme. Discover more.


Our flexible talent model allows you to develop your skills across a range of product disciplines. We’ll get to know your interests, technical knowledge and industry experience to ensure we offer the right support to help you progress your career, the way you want to.

Perks and Benefits

At Deloitte we have a simple belief. High performance, whatever your level, deserves to be rewarded. This is right at the heart of who we are as an employer. As well as your basic salary, we offer a number of additional core benefits. Find out more.

Meet our Technology Leaders

"My favourite moment? After one workshop, I was given a handwritten note saying 'you inspired me to be an engineer'."

Technology case studiesHelping girls understand opportunities in STEM

I’ve worked in technology for 25 years and women are still underrepresented in the industry. I was looking at my 11-year-old daughter one day and realised that unless something changes, she too faces a future where there are ‘jobs for the boys’ and yet another generation of women will earn less than men. I wanted to do something about it. Our Managing Partner for Talent at Deloitte is Emma Codd and she’s made clear that she believes STEM holds the key to addressing the gender pay gap. Only 9 per cent of girls who take STEM subjects at GCSE will go on to qualify in this area and 94 per cent of boys study core STEM subjects at 16, compared to 35 per cent of girls. Therefore, encouraging girls into STEM careers will be vital both to improving the gender divide in STEM, but also to solving the skill shortage that will

be a barrier to economic growth in the UK.

With the right training

I went to the Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) conference, where Professor Averil MacDonald created a workshop called ‘People like me’ (PLM). It addressed the lack of girls in STEM by showing them that women with similar personality traits and aptitudes to them are happy and successful working in STEM. The workshop inspired me to train as a PLM ambassador, and I started delivering workshops to Deloitte Access schools in April 2017. I found that inspiring the girls can still be a challenge as many of the most interesting and well paid jobs are ones they know nothing about. We all know what a teacher does, but what about a solutions architect? So, I point out that the job I do at Deloitte was not invented when I left school and the pace of innovation means that the same will apply to them. Some 65 per cent of future STEM jobs don’t even exist yet!

Making an impact

It became clear to me that we needed more PLM ambassadors to make a bigger impact, so I got in touch with our One Million Futures team and Deloitte’s Women in Technology network (WiT) and together we encouraged 16 WiT members to become PLM ambassadors. Since then, 350 girls have participated in the workshops. While there is still a long way to go to address the gender divide in STEM, we're making progress one girl at a time.

"Technology Consulting’s the perfect fit for me – it’s a great balance between developing a technical solution and understanding its purpose and holistic context."

Technology Case StudiesTell us your Deloitte story

After studying an MSc in Computing Science I joined the graduate programme in September 2016. As much as I enjoy programming itself, I really love the process of designing and creating a new application. That’s why Technology Consulting’s the perfect fit for me – it’s a great balance between developing a technical solution and understanding its purpose and holistic context. I’m currently an Analyst within the Technology, Strategy and Architecture team. I’ve delivered a number of digital transformation projects for our clients, leading in areas such a DevOps, Enterprise Integrations and Web Development.

Not only was Deloitte right for me from a professional perspective, the culture really supports my personal vision too. As a huge advocate for gender diversity, I really connected with the culture of respect and inclusion here.

Why should someone join Technology Consulting?

If you’re passionate about technology but also want to understand how it’s being used in a business context then this is the right place for you. There are so many different projects and areas you can be involved in, you’re always learning something new. Or if becoming a subject matter expert is your thing, you can specialise in something you are strong at – it’s your choice. The training is really comprehensive – in business skills as well as leading edge technologies, with plenty of support along the way. Ultimately every project will be a valuable learning journey at any stage of your career.

Tell us more about your passion for supporting women in technology

During my time at university I had the chance to meet some amazing people and learned so much from them and the various events I attended. I want to share that knowledge and experience with others; to help inspire women to work in technology in the way I was inspired.

I head the Women in Technology network at Deloitte Belfast, running coding workshops, and other events where likeminded women can network and find out more about working in technology.

Outside of work I help non-profit organisations by running various events from coding tutorials to talks and panel discussions. I also enjoy public speaking and recently spoke at Women Techmakers Summit 2018.

"Don’t be scared of the word ‘technology’. It’s not all about servers, coding and complex algorithms. It’s also about people."

Technology Case StudiesWhy did you choose a career in Technology?

I joined Deloitte straight out of university and had actually applied to a different department. The Deloitte recruitment team suggested that I might be a better fit within our fast-growing Technology division. Coming from a non-technical background, I had no idea why. However have to say I am extremely pleased to work in Technology as it’s such an exciting and growing field. With organisations becoming much more heavily tech-focused and tech-reliant - Technology Consulting a really interesting sector to work in, even if you have no technical background.

What do you do in Technology Consulting?

It depends! I’ve been involved in lots of different projects since I started, in all sectors. Lately I’ve mainly been focused on Target Operating Model and IT Financial Management work in the Financial Services sector. The two differ in a lot of aspects, but fundamentally I help my clients identify where their IT organisation stands today and where they’d like to be in the future, and help them define what they need to do to get there and guide them through that journey.

From mapping my client processes to supporting the selection of the right technology to help drive improvements, I’m always part of a team of people with different backgrounds and a common goal: to help our IT clients achieve their goals.

I do lots outside of client work as well. Amongst other things, I help shape our IT Financial Management Proposition for potential clients, and organise lots of social events for my area, as well as taking an active part in both training and mentoring our new analysts who join the firm.

What would you say to someone considering a career in Technology?

Don’t be scared of the word ‘technology’. It’s not all about servers, coding and complex algorithms. It’s also about people. It’s about the business and the customer, strategy and innovation. It’s about everything you find in an organisation – the technical and the non-technical.

"The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled."

Technology Case StudiesWhy did you join Products & Solutions?

I joined Deloitte because this team is like a start-up - it’s small and we get to be really involved with everything - but we have the backing of the Deloitte brand and the resources that come with that; an existing list of big name clients, the most innovative technologies, financial support and career development. Deloitte has an obvious strategic focus on products and innovation, so there are tremendous opportunities.

How would you describe what the Products & Solutions teams do?

Technology is evolving rapidly and automation is replacing a lot of the repetitive tasks people have traditionally done. This, teamed with the vast amount of great ideas our consultants were coming up with to solve our clients’ issues, led to Deloitte establishing a dedicated resource to streamline the production of these ideas and assets. We work with every part of the Deloitte business – once an idea has been established as viable, our teams look at the user experience and how best to design the product. We shadow clients to understand how they are using anything we create, where they have issues, and how we might improve it. We design the products to really address their specific pain points.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I’ve worked on Markdown Optimisation (a tool that helps retailers work out how best to discount end of season products) since I joined. It began with a consultant who build a bespoke solution for a client that proved so successful, they repeated the process again for another client. When they found themselves doing it again and again, they knew they had a potential product on their hands. Our Markdown Optimisation tool is now live with some of the biggest retailers in the UK and globally, across fashion, health & beauty, and general merchandise.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

This is a start-up type environment, but as we’re part of a global firm, we have the backing of Deloitte’s reputation, brand, and the support and resources that come with that. The opportunities here are much wider than a traditional tech role, there is global reach and you work with all parts of the Deloitte business. The diversity of experience you will gain is unparalleled.

"My passion lies in creating a more open, transparent and, ultimately, better tech industry for everyone. That’s what this new role is all about."

Technology Case StudiesTell us about your new role as Technology Respect & Inclusion Manager?

I am working with other leaders to focus on diversity within Deloitte’s Technology practice, helping enable all of our Technology Consulting practitioners to feel a sense of belonging. I am extremely proud to have this opportunity to really make an impact. It’s also a reflection of how important respect, diversity and inclusion is to Deloitte, and I’m so happy that I can play a part in that.

How did it come about?

I’ve been heavily involved in the diversity and inclusion space for several years through my senior leadership with global non-profit organisation Women Who Code. During that time, it became clear that my passion lies in creating a more open, transparent and, ultimately, better tech industry for everyone. That’s what this new role is all about.

I originally joined Deloitte as a consultant in Technology, Strategy and Architecture. I wanted to work for a firm that had dedicated Women in Technology initiatives as well as a clear path for progression. I’m in this role now because of how supportive Deloitte has been of both my personal and professional interests. This is genuinely a firm that prioritises its people’s goals and ambitions.

Why do you think Deloitte is a great place for women in tech?

The tech industry cannot flourish without listening to and understanding the needs of all of the people it affects. There are many flexible, unique ways to join and work in Deloitte. For example, our Return to Work programme aims to provide individuals who have had career breaks of two or more years to re-enter the workplace. Targeted initiatives such as this will make the difference in the makeup of our tech workforce. And not just that – the projects you get to work on here are fascinating. We work with some of the largest and most influential businesses out there, not to mention all of the latest technologies. It’s an amazing place to learn and develop.

Do you get to work flexibly?

Absolutely. There are all sorts of ways you can do that here – with a range of both formal and informal agile working arrangements on offer. For example, I wanted to really focus on my speaking engagements for a while so I took a ‘Time Out’ (a four-week block of unpaid leave offered by Deloitte as part of its commitment to agile working). I travelled and spoke at conferences around the world, and even managed to fit a first wedding anniversary holiday to Croatia in! I was able to fully dedicate myself to something that I am passionate about, whilst having the security of Deloitte’s support.

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