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Digging deeper on Business Chemistry

Want to know more about Business Chemistry? Check out these resources.

Business Chemistry | Practical Magic for Crafting Powerful Work Relationships

A guide to putting cognitive diversity to work. Ever wonder what it is that makes two people click or clash? Or why some groups excel while others fumble? Or how you, as a leader, can make or break team potential? Get your copy of the Business Chemistry book today!

Confessions podcast series

Each podcast episode explores true stories of workplace success and failure that all come down to one thing—Business Chemistry. Learn how you can use Business Chemistry to help better understand your own work style and how it’s similar to or different from others.

Harvard Business Review cover feature | The new science of team chemistry

Pioneers, Drivers, Integrators, and Guardians – most teams are a mix of these types. This article covers how to get the best out of any combination.

Research report | The practical magic of 'thank you'

We asked 16,000 professionals how they want to be recognized, for what, and by whom. Our research confirms that when it comes to recognizing others, like many things at work, one size doesn’t fit all. Find out how Business Chemistry can help leaders reinvent recognition with a more human-centric approach.

Research report | Millennial mindset: Workstyles and aspirations of millennials

Older generations may need to strip away what they think they know about millennials. The data suggests we simply misunderstood their strengths and how they like to work. Research from the Business Chemistry® team can help organizations get more from their millennial talent.

Research report | Business Chemistry in the c-suite

C-suite executives are more likely than the general business population to think about the big picture, embrace the competitive spirit, and make quick decisions. These are among the findings of our study of 661 C-suite executives. Business Chemistry’s researchers provide tips for all four types whether they are current leaders, aspiring leaders, or those who work with a CxO.

Research report | The stress study: Business Chemistry

Do some people experience the workplace as more stressful than others? In this research, we find that working styles and preferences can impact how we experience and cope with stress. Understanding these differences is a powerful step for teams looking to improve their working relationships, and ultimately, their performance.

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Suzanne Vickberg (aka Dr. Suz)

Suzanne Vickberg (aka Dr. Suz)

Research Lead | Deloitte LLP

Dr. Suz is a social-personality psychologist and a leading practitioner of Deloitte’s Business Chemistry, which she uses to guide clients as they explore how their work is shaped by the mix of individuals who make up a team. Previously serving in Deloitte’s Talent organization, since 2014 she’s been coaching leaders and teams in creating cultures that enable each member to thrive and make their best contribution. Along with her Deloitte Greenhouse colleague Kim Christfort, Suzanne co-authored the book Business Chemistry: Practical Magic for Crafting Powerful Work Relationships as well as a Harvard Business Review cover feature on the same topic. She also leads the Deloitte Greenhouse research program focused on Business Chemistry and is the primary author of the Business Chemistry blog. An “unapologetic introvert” and Business Chemistry Guardian-Dreamer, you will never-the-less often find her in front of a room, a camera, or a podcast microphone speaking about Business Chemistry. Suzanne is a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate with an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a doctorate in Social-Personality Psychology from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. She has lectured at Rutgers Business School and several colleges in the CUNY system, and before joining Deloitte in 2009, she gained experience in the health care and consulting fields. A mom of two teenagers, she maintains her native Minnesota roots and currently resides in New Jersey, where she volunteers for several local organizations with a focus on hunger relief.

Kim Christfort

Kim Christfort

The Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience US Leader

Kim is the national managing director of The Deloitte Greenhouse® Experience group, which helps executives tackle tough business challenges through immersive, facilitated Lab experiences, and client experience IP such as Business Chemistry®. As part of this role, Kim leads US Deloitte Greenhouses, permanent spaces designed to promote exploration and problem solving away from business as usual. Kim is the architect and global leader of Deloitte's proprietary working style system Business Chemistry®, used by more than 300,000 people around the world, co-author of the Harvard Business Review cover story on Business Chemistry and the book "Business Chemistry: Practical Magic for Crafting Powerful Work Relationships.” She is a frequent speaker, facilitator and coach for global businesses on insights about diagnosing why groups get stuck, crafting methods that unlock opportunities, and facilitating immersive, interactive sessions that accelerate breakthroughs.