Posted: 22 Mar. 2021 2 min. read

Build a resilient social sector

How leaders adapt in times of crisis

By Gabriel Kasper, managing director and Jennifer Holk, manager (Deloitte LLP)

As leaders formulate strategies for steering their organizations through ongoing uncertainty, the social sector will play a crucial role in how our communities not only survive current health, economic and racial justice crises, but persevere and thrive. How can nonprofits and foundations adapt to help bridge the gaps where government, policy, and social safety nets may be constrained?

In this episode of Resilient, we bring together leaders from the social sector to explore the evolving dynamics in the nonprofit world and its mutually dependent relationships with government and corporate enterprises. They discuss what the crisis and related economic pressures mean for many of the social issues that businesses and corporate leaders care so much about. As organizations anticipate and prepare for aftershocks cascading from the crises, they share insights on how social sector leaders might adapt to new realities and turn disruption into opportunity. They also look at how social sector organizations might approach their next moves—using their influence and creative thinking to help communities innovate and flourish during these unprecedented times.  

Leaders in this episode:

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