From tragedy to triumph

A WorkWell podcast with Domenic Cervoni

Practicing law, caregiving, and self-care

How overcoming tragedy can reframe your well-being approach

Taking care of a loved one with cancer is a difficult life challenge, but it can also be an incredible learning experience. For this lawyer, it not only helped change his perspective on personal well-being, it also motivated him to share his story to motivate and inspire others to make self-care a priority.

On this episode, Deloitte chief well-being officer Jen Fisher talks with Domenic Cervoni, vice president of Legal and Senior Legal Counsel for HSBC, and author of From Tragedy to Triumph: How My Wife’s Courageous Battle With Rare Cancer Has Motivated Me to Live a Better Life Filled With Passion, Empathy, and Gratitude.

Empathy, understanding what other people are going through is very important as a leader, as a colleague, and as a friend, and has really made all the difference for me personally.

- Domenic Cervoni, vice president of Legal and Senior Legal Counsel for HSBC

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