Thriving together

"We care about our employees."
That's why rather than just say it, we show it.

We do it by understanding the complex challenges you may face on your professional and personal journey—and responding by providing options designed to support you; empowering you to thrive mentally, physically, and financially; and caring for your well-being.

So don't just take our word for it when we say we care about our employees. Decide for yourself, based on the actions we take to help you thrive.

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A human-centered workplace

  • Thriving mentally
  • Thriving physically
  • Thriving financially
  • Empowering your well-being
  • Thriving mentally

    Not enough resources. Not enough time for self-care. Not enough support at home. There are many challenges people might face when they want to prioritize their mental health—and at Deloitte, we help you address them. That's why we offer distinctive ways to support your psychological health and help you thrive mentally with:

    • Abundant holidays, paid time off for eligible professionals, and collective disconnects that allow you to fully recharge.
    • Paid caregiver leave for eligible professionals and backup care for dependents.
    • Integrated mental health services that offer eligible professionals clinical and performance psychology solutions designed to help you bring your best self to work, so you can thrive in our high performance environment.
    • Access to specialists, educational opportunities, and technologies that help integrate well-being into the flow of your day.

    Thriving physically

    It's inevitable—your individual journey is going to take sharp turns and bring you to unexpected destinations and opportunities. No matter where you are on your path, we provide eligible professionals with curated options to support you and your family's needs:

    • Comprehensive medical plans.
    • Medical support while traveling.
    • Coverage options for dental, vision, accident, disability, and even your pet's health.
    • Reproductive health resources including fertility, egg freezing, adoption, and surrogacy programs, and support for nursing mothers.
    • An annual subsidy to use for a wide range of expenses aligned to your specific well-being needs, including gym/club memberships, recreational classes, and sports equipment/fees.

    Thriving financially

    Let's face it: it's hard for you to thrive if your bank account isn't. In addition to competitive pay, a well-being subsidy, and affordable benefits, we assist you in addressing your financial needs by helping you:

    • Save on purchases like personal travel, technology, cars, and everyday items.
    • Expand your educational opportunities through tuition assistance and loan solutions.
    • Use tax-efficient ways to help cover dependent care, transportation, unreimbursed medical costs, and to save for longer-term financial needs like your children's education.
    • Care for your wealth planning through personal banking arrangements.
    • Participate in wealth accumulation programs including our 401(k) savings plan and cash balance plan for eligible employees.

    Empowering your well-being

    At Deloitte, everyone shares accountability for well-being. We empower each other to make daily choices to thrive mentally, physically, and financially.

    We Thrive Together when:

    • Individuals embrace caring for their well-being.
    • Teams embed well-being into their culture and ways of working.
    • Leaders ease challenges and elevate well-being.

    Working together to thrive

  • Rewards, recognition, and well-being
  • Hybrid model
  • WorkWell podcast series
  • Q&A with Deborah Miscoll
  • Deloitte University
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Purpose
  • Hybrid model

    Flexibility is more than just a “nice-to-have.” Find out how our hybrid work model gives you the chance to embrace a working style that fits your life.

    WorkWell podcast series

    Get insights from leaders and experts that will transform the way you look at—and prioritize—workplace well-being on our WorkWell podcast.

    Deloitte University

    When we learn together, we grow together. Learn more about how our Deloitte University campus serves as a hub for sharing insights, learning from specialists, and growing into new leadership opportunities.

    Diversity, equity, and inclusion

    Our award-winning culture is the sum of our unique identities, experiences, and perspectives. Learn more about how we center DEI at Deloitte.


    We work to make an impact that matters by creating trust and confidence in a more equitable society. Find out what that means to us.

    Meet our leaders

    headshot of Melanie Langsett

    Melanie Langsett

    Leader, Rewards, Recognition & Well-being


    headshot of Deborah Miscoll

    Deborah Miscoll

    Chief Mental Health Officer


    headshot of Amy Smith

    Amy Smith

    Well-being Leader


    headshot of Stephanie Aeder

    Stephanie Aeder

    Rewards and Recognition Leader

    Benefits described herein are examples of benefits currently offered by Deloitte but any benefit for which you may become eligible will be governed by the terms and conditions of your employment and by the terms of each individual plan document. Deloitte has the right to change plan terms (including eligibility for benefits) or to discontinue any part or all of the benefits described herein at any time. Certain roles and employment positions within Deloitte and its affiliate entities may not be eligible for all or some of the benefits described in this document. Please consult the individual plan/program documents for specific benefit and eligibility provisions, based upon the terms of your employment with Deloitte.