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Well-being at Deloitte

Live. Work. Thrive.

Our people have unique work-life needs and aspirations. One-size does not fit all; each person has their own version of “what works.” We take a comprehensive approach to well-being to better meet the needs of our people.

    Recognizing each one of us has unique well-being needs that can change over time, we offer a variety of programs and options to provide flexibility around how, where and when work gets done, as well as encouraging our people to maintain healthy lifestyles. Some examples include virtual work practices, internal mobility, global work assignments, sabbaticals, generous paid time-off, family leave, and wellness programs. 

    An open, inclusive, and flexible culture where our practitioners take ownership and control of their lives and careers is all a part of Deloitte being a place where leaders thrive.


    Our Sabbatical Program is a popular option for eligible employees who wish to take a break, but remain an employee of Deloitte. This voluntary program offers:

    • An opportunity to achieve personal and professional goals 
    • Time to refresh and renew to help increase effectiveness, creativity and productivity
    • An acknowledgment of hard work and dedication

    There are two sabbatical options available: one month (unpaid) and three to six months (with partial salary).  

    Going places

    Over the course of a career, there are many memorable moments – taking on a new role, achieving a well-deserved promotion, meeting an inspirational colleague. And thanks to the Deloitte Sabbatical Program, Jessica Beauregard and Janet Brady can now add interactions with people and cultures from around the world to their list of unforgettable moments. Read more.

    Benefits: Custom-fit options

    Deloitte’s Total Rewards program reflects our continued commitment to lead from the front in everything we do — that’s why we take pride in offering a comprehensive variety of programs and resources to support our professionals’ health and well-being needs. Read more.

    Going the distance

    Andi requested the opportunity to work a compressed workweek – freeing up Fridays for an additional training day. The request was granted. “After that, I had three full days in a row to train,” says Ramer. “I also had a new understanding and appreciation for working at Deloitte. I learned you should never be afraid to ask for what you need. You may not get everything, but it’s okay to ask.” Read more.  

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