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We all want success, but it can often come at the cost of burnout and exhaustion. The always on hustle culture pushes us to do more. But what we really need is rest, joy, and meaningful connections with others. How can we pursue our passions and our need to achieve without sacrificing our own health and well-being?

On this episode, Deloitte Chief Well-being Officer Jen Fisher talks with “Brad Stulberg,” author of the best-selling book, “The Practice of Groundedness” and the co-author of the books, “Peak Performance” and “The Passion Paradox”, about principles that can help with improving performance without foregoing well-being.

Human performance and human well-being are really complex. And when you take a system that is as complex as us and you try to do any kind of reductionist intervention, it rarely works and often has unintended consequences. So, I think that the key to any kind of health or performance behavior change, is to pick an approach that's not reckless.

— Brad Stulberg, author of The Practice of Groundedness

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