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Mind, body, and purpose

Well-being comes to life at Deloitte University

Mind, body, and purpose

The Well-Being program at Deloitte University demonstrates our commitment to phasing out the familiar and continually reinventing ourselves.

Both within and outside the four walls of DFit, Deloitte University reaches guests with well-being offerings that integrate seamlessly into their Deloitte University experience. Inventive physical and mental well-being offerings, in the form of well-being moments and energy breaks, are incorporated into program agendas, resulting in participants that are energized, refocused, refreshed, and poised for optimal productivity.

Being at your best is about revitalizing your body and your mind throughout the entire workday,

Jennifer Fisher, national managing director, Well-Being, Deloitte Services LP

Energy breaks can include resistance band workouts, fun games, group challenges, and mindful meditation. Last year, the DFit team performed more than 300 energy breaks, reaching 9,318 guests. Well-being moments compliment energy breaks by encouraging participants to explore methods to optimizing food choices, physical activity, and emotional wellness.

With nutrition a topic of interest for many guests, Deloitte University discovered an innovative way to engage participants outside of DFit by creating a smoothie challenge in which participants race against each other to create the healthiest smoothie. The Eat Well program was expanded to include an Eat Well meal and individual Eat Well menu items, giving participants more healthy, registered-dietitian approved dining choices.

Within the walls of DFit, wellness professionals—including exercise specialists, nurse practitioners, and a registered dietitian—are dedicated to improving the well-being of Deloitte University visitors. With close to 400 nutrition consultations and Eat Well assessments performed this past year, it is evident that our people are taking steps toward improving their overall well-being.

Many groups have now taken well-being even further by making fitness classes and other physically challenging events the focus of networking and team-building activities. “By enjoying nature with co-workers on a trail run, or competing in a friendly game of bocce ball, team members can get to know one another and build relationships while getting a healthy dose of vitamin D, fresh air, and exercise,” said Jennifer.

This is only the beginning of our long term commitment to well-being at Deloitte University.

Deloitte University media wall
Deloitte University media wall

Well-being at Deloitte University

This year DFit performed 300+ energy breaks, reaching more than 9,000 guests

The Wellness Center administered more than 1,300 flu shots and 160 wellness exams in FY15​​

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