Reaching deeper into the pipeline

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Reaching deeper into the pipeline

Early Identification Programs

Reaching deeper into the pipeline

Identifying candidates at the college level helps Deloitte maintain a robust pipeline of promising new talent.

At Deloitte, missing out on top talent—even those who have yet to begin their career—is simply not an option. Through the Early ID Program, members of DU step onto college campuses and in front of recruits to build lasting connections before high-potential undergraduates commit elsewhere.

More than 4,500 intern and early identification candidates participated in recruiting conferences and programs—all facilitated by nearly 600 Deloitte professionals. The conferences help guide students’ career decision-making and introduce them to Deloitte’s culture, brand, and innovative client work. We use the opportunity to convert interns to full-time hires, increase competitive advantage, boost brand recognition, and build a top talent pipeline.

“The earlier we get students in the door, the more likely they will stay,” said Kelly Brastrom, Early ID Program manager. Delivering an experience that may influence students’ career choices when they graduate is key, and there’s no better place to host that experience than at DU. While on campus, students learn business and soft skills, and gain first-hand experience with Deloitte’s commitment to community service through team-building and charity events that produce supplies and care packages for people in need.

We are always evolving to the changing landscape by getting first in line to hand pick the next generation of outstanding Deloitte leadership.

– Kelly Brastrom, Early ID Program manager

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Honored for our exceptional recruiting with the Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Award for the fifth year in a row

4,500 recruits hosted annually

In the top 10 of ideal employers for business undergraduates according to 65,000 students surveyed by Universum America’s IDEAL Employer. Deloitte ranks in top 10 for graduate students in the United States.

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