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Deloitte and the SheBelieves movement

Inspiring the next generation of leaders

Conceived and developed by the U.S. Women’s National Team players, SheBelieves is a movement to inspire girls and women and encourage them to achieve their goals and dreams, on the pitch and off. As the presenting sponsor of the SheBelieves Summit, Deloitte embraces the SheBelieves mission of empowering girls to reach their dreams and is committed to supporting women of all ages in pursuing their aspirations through a culture of inclusion.

SheBelieves spotlight: Deloitte's Amanda Martin

Empowering women across the United States

The U.S. Women’s National Team has helped showcase how sports can deliver a message that transcends the field of play. Supporting young women and girls as they reach for their dreams can help women in the workforce have the confidence and coaching to position themselves for leadership positions.

The 2020 SheBelieves Summit, presented by Deloitte, will provide college-enrolled students the opportunity to engage in panels and workshops centered around the three core pillars of Career, Confidence & Community. Please visit the SheBelieves website for the latest updates on the 2020 SheBelieves Summit. 

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Inclusion is who we are

At Deloitte, women professionals are entrepreneurs. They're military veterans. They're athletes, educators, volunteers, and scientists. At Deloitte, women are leaders. Learn more about the opportunities Deloitte provides women to lead in their careers.

We strive to have an inclusive culture where all of our people can connect, belong, and grow. Our goal is to empower people, so they can connect to Deloitte values; feel like they belong in their practices, in their offices, and on their engagement teams; and have the opportunities and support to develop strengths, grow with purpose, and own their careers. Inclusion is foundational to our talent experience and who we are at Deloitte.

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Our work is a team sport

Involvement in sports can teach and nurture essential qualities for successful employees. Deloitte is committed to recruiting, developing, and promoting a diverse workforce while providing unique opportunities across our businesses.

Learn more about opportunities at Deloitte:

Well-being is in our DNA

Body. Mind. Purpose. At Deloitte, we care about our people and we want them to be successful in their professional and personal lives. That’s why we support our people at every milestone of their life journey.

  • Benefits and programs
    Deloitte is committed to providing support and assistance for our employees through major life milestones. Whether starting a family or pursuing a passion, our employees can take advantage of benefits to address unique career and life needs no matter where or when they happen on their well-being journey. Deloitte provides a variety of programs to eligible professionals to support well-being, including paid time off and holidays, a well-being subsidy (including the ability to offset soccer-focused purchases), life and family programs, and more.
  • WorkWell
    Our WorkWell podcast discusses ways to enrich your personal well-being, improve work-life balance, and create a culture of wellness, hosted by Jen Fisher, Deloitte’s Chief Well-being Officer. Also read Jen’s story and key lessons rooted from her experience as a collegiate soccer midfielder.

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Only see possible

Complex challenges become opportunities when seen through many perspectives. The depth and breadth of Deloitte’s disciplines, combined with our ability to form stronger relationships, examine the finest details, and our access to new technology and new ways of working, lets us reveal a new perspective to our clients: One where their world is full of infinite possibilities, and they have an advisor ready to lead the charge and help them take advantage. When you only see possible, there’s no limit to what you’re able to accomplish.

At Deloitte, we navigate complexity to inspire clients, including the United States Tennis Association, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, United States Golf Association, and 85 percent of the Fortune 500 to capitalize on opportunities. Learn what happens when you only see possible.

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One Deloitte team
Every day at Deloitte, we strive to make an impact that truly matters. At the core of our organization is a commitment to inspire others to reach their full potential, whether they’re our clients or the organizations we sponsor. And our efforts to advance the organizations we sponsor goes far beyond writing a check: Deloitte professionals serve as trusted advisors helping shape long-term strategy, improve operational efficiency, and implement substantive change.

Learn more about our sponsorships.

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