The evolution of the human-animal bond

A WorkWell podcast with Mark Cushing

A look at the role pets play in our lives and American culture

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It’s no secret—people love their pets. Not only do we care for them, but they provide companionship like no other and have a positive impact on our daily lives. How did this relationship start? When did pets become pets instead of just animals?

On this episode, Deloitte Chief Well-being Officer Jen Fisher talks with Mark Cushing, founder and CEO of the Animal Policy Group, and author of Pet Nation on the evolution of the human-animal bond, and how our love for our pets has ignited a cultural transformation.

Pets in fact make your personal life better, they make you healthier and they build your network of friends and people you trust in the world. Period. And there's nothing else that quite does it so consistently as pets.

– Mark Cushing, founder/CEO of the Animal Policy Group, author of Pet Nation

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