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Transforming teams through individual insight

Business Chemistry

Transforming teams through individual insight

The Leadership Center for Clients’ Business Chemistry tool celebrates five years of illuminating personality types and business styles.

Chemistry. It’s vital to the success of any high-performing team. As Deloitte’s proprietary tool for understanding and adapting working styles, Business Chemistry is offered under the Leadership Center for Clients (LCC) and delivered through client labs and events, certified network-provided internal sessions, and Deloitte University (DU) learning programs for impact both within and outside of the organization. 2015 marks its fifth successful year.

Business Chemistry helps unlock realizations about personality types and working styles, and enables a dialogue about how to respond to those differences in the context of business challenges.

In addition to a longevity milestone, 2015 gave rise to dramatic uptake in client adoption and movement toward team analysis and reporting.

We’ve evolved from the early days of using Business Chemistry to understand ourselves and how to interact with others, to exploring different permutations of teams for greater cohesion and effectiveness.

Kim Christfort, national managing director, The Deloitte Greenhouse™ Experience, Deloitte LLP

With a certified network of 800 Deloitte facilitators and 102,000 Deloitte and client users, Business Chemistry continues to expand. 2015 featured 50 client Business Chemistry labs—far surpassing the 21 stand-alone sessions delivered in 2014. And to date, 2,000 sessions, including 400 client sessions, have been successfully delivered.

Drawing on its vast user pool, the opportunity for analytics to reveal deeper learning around behavior and team dynamics is significant, with the objective of transforming data into actionable steps that make a difference for the organization’s colleagues and clients.


Leadership Center for Clients enabled revenue of $175M in FY15—four times the prior fiscal year

Established a growing following of 102,000 Business Chemistry organization and client users, with a network of 800 Deloitte facilitators

1,220 Business Chemistry sessions held nationally, up from 827 in FY14


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