Understanding the food brain connection and cognitive nutrition

A WorkWell podcast with Tess Bredesen

Using nutritional strategies to enhance cognition and prevent cognitive decline.

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What we eat matters and the impact our diet has on our holistic well-being, including our mind, is sometimes forgotten. The food brain connection and how food can positively influence well-being is a discussion that is sometimes left at the table.

On this episode, Deloitte Chief Well-being Officer, Jen Fisher, talks with Tess Bredesen, Cognitive Nutrition Director at Thrive and the founder of Sia Health, on how nutrition can prevent cognitive decline and enhance our lives.

Food is so much more than just food, right? Food is tradition. Food is culture, food is joy. Food is family.

– Tess Bredesen, Cognitive Nutrition Director at Thrive and the founder of Sia Health

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