Unhustling, a career superpower

A WorkWell podcast with Milena Regos

Changing our hustle culture into a human culture

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Is your career ambition your North Star? Are you always setting your sights on that next job or promotion? Do you work nonstop until you get there? Perhaps you are feeling or have felt burnt out by the time you reach your ambition. The problem isn’t that you are ambitious, the problem may be that your definition of success might not align with what you really value. It is only when you step back and reflect on what is really important to you that you’ll be able to channel your ambition into the things that are truly meaningful in your work and your life.

On this episode, Deloitte chief well-being officer Jen Fisher talks with Milena Regos, founder and Chief Rebel Officer of Unhustle about how unhustling can be your greatest asset in career success.

So, the point [that] we don't hustle is not to really stop working. But rather to live and work more mindfully with more authenticity, with more courage, with more purpose, and create a life and work that fills you up and energizes you and fulfills you so that you can show up every day feeling your best and doing your best.

– Milena Regos, founder and Chief Rebel Officer, Unhustle

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