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How we helped the USGA engineer impactful solutions

The USGA is in more than the golf game—it’s also in the digital experience game. And as their team looked to elevate some of the USGA’s most important digital properties, they brought in Deloitte for our blend of strategic approach, deep insights, and technology capabilities. Here’s how we’re helping the USGA engineer advantage with the USGA App built by Deloitte.

Our journey

Elevating the fan experience

The USGA hosts 15 championships annually, including five Open Championships and 10 amateur championships. Historically, fans were challenged to find championship information across the USGA's digital ecosystem, which included multiple championship-specific apps and websites. The fragmented process was often frustrating for audiences who have come to expect a single solution from sports properties.

This was a chance for the USGA to strengthen its direct-to-consumer offering, enhance and personalize the fan experience, and increase awareness for the breadth of USGA championships.

Gathering insights across industries

The USGA turned to Deloitte for our cross-industry experience—inside and outside of sport—to help define and build the future state of the USGA’s digital ecosystem, starting with their championship app. We began by digging into data and insights to define the needs of the USGA and its fans, which helped determine the app’s features. Then, we tackled the user flow design, establishing the navigation fans needed to access information and content for every USGA championship. Throughout, we focused on developing an app that could be easily maintained and updated while leveraging a technology stack to support stability, performance, and new possibilities.

Delivering on what users expect

The development team focused on core principles to help engineer advantage with the USGA and provide an elevated experience for golf fans.

  • Engaging: maximizing the ability to engage with and share content to better connect the golf community
  • Personal: creating enhanced user experiences through personalization
  • Accessible: designing for everyone
  • Contextual: providing the right information at the right time to strengthen audience engagement
  • Extensible: growing and adapting the experience based on research, data, and technology to expand golf’s reach and help drive future impact

Collaborating on the build

Insights from our research helped inform the visual designs, information architecture, content management, engineering, and overall roadmap approaches. Deloitte professionals in UI/UX design, front- and back-end development, product management, strategy, and more worked to integrate with third-party providers for a more seamless on-course and at-home experience. Pulling in application programming interfaces across multiple vendors, Deloitte delivered an app that enhanced USGA championships through engaging features such as live streaming, ticketing, and onsite wayfinding.

Additionally, the streamlined app with its flexible, modular build makes it scalable to support future features and innovation for fans. The team also designed a cache memory strategy that keeps important features accessible to fans so that next-generation technology and innovation can help engage the next generation of golf fans.

The USGA App: designed to deliver business advantage

Now live for the 2023 championship season, the USGA App built by Deloitte is an all-in-one destination for fans and offers a more immersive and intuitive experience. Within the app, available features include live scoring, tee times, livestreaming, scorecard highlights, GPS wayfinding, customized alerts, in-depth stats and win probability, and mobile ticketing.*

This visually elevated experience for fans is expected to help increase awareness of and engagement around all USGA championships, while fueling the opportunity to deliver increased engagement and revenue from ticket purchases, merchandise, and more. With the scalable and flexible app architecture, the USGA’s mobile experience can evolve over time and leverage future possibilities for greater impact.

As we do for businesses of all kinds—regardless of the game they're in—we can help deliver innovative, impactful solutions.

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*Not all features available for all USGA championships

Launching the USGA App built by Deloitte and updating our website is a major milestone as we continue to build and strengthen our direct-to-consumer offerings. We are thrilled to deliver a reimagined product that will enhance and personalize the way fans engage with our championships year-round.
–Amanda Weiner, USGA Managing Director, Digital Media and Ticketing

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