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Taming technology

A WorkWell podcast about our relationship with technology

Learn how technology use impacts our behavior on this WorkWell podcast episode.

Why can’t we put down our mobile phones?

Technology improves everyday life in so many ways. But do those benefits overshadow the negative impacts that technology use has on how we act, think, and connect with each other? On this episode, Deloitte chief well-being officer Jen Fisher discusses how technology use impacts our behavior and our relationships with Adam Alter, best-selling author and associate professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Everything is bottomless, endlessly scrolling feeds, and infinite, there is just this kind of loop that keeps going and going and going, and that’s by design.

–Adam Alter


Check out the Deloitte Insights report Positive technology and the Taming technology infographic for more on digital well-being.

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