CDO–Smart Services

Building a strong office of the CDO

​Learn about Deloitte’s turnkey set of services, designed for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and powered by Informatica, that help put the people and technology in place to immediately assess, prioritize, and address transformational data issues in your organization.

Deloitte’s CDO–Smart solution

Everyone has data. A CDO delivers its value.

Data is no longer an advantage; everyone has it. But how you harness data to power your business can give your organization a competitive edge. The CDO is a critical enabler among the leadership team, as their main function is to help organizations realize the full value of their enterprise data assets.

Our CDO-Smart solution leverages the power of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform to support the strategy and process-related functions specific to your business. The combined offering guides and supports CDOs on their journeys to help drive executive stakeholder alignment and realize business value from enterprise data assets.

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Charting the Chief Data Officer’s Flight to Success

The key to success for CDOs is to understand and plan how to manage the avalanche of vast and rapidly growing sprawl of data—new and old, active and archived, and structured and unstructured. In order to deliver, CDOs must influence transformational change and deliver business outcomes within their own organizations. Whether a new business model, strategy, technology transformation, or other event is driving these changes, the CDO and executive leadership team must be strategically aligned to rise to the challenges ahead.

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Seizing the cognitive advantage

To effectively inform executive decision-making and drive organizational efficiency and innovation, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) require the strategies, talent, and technologies that can unlock deep value in advanced data management. Increasingly, delivering on the data management strategy means integrating cognitive technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies complement the human workforce and enhance the CDO’s ability to manage and use data to help unleash improved accuracy, decision-making, and productivity across the organization.

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Juan Tello

Juan Tello

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Juan is a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Strategy & Analytics offering and is also the Chief Data Officer for Deloitte Consulting. Juan works with organizations to innovate and transform them ... More

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