Deloitte Food Quality and Safety Solution

Improving quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing risk through better control over information

The Deloitte Food Quality and Safety Solution combines Deloitte’s deep knowledge of leading practices in the food and beverage industry with its extensive experience in building solutions based on SAP® and OpenText technologies.

Introducing the Deloitte Food Quality and Safety Solution

The Deloitte Food Quality and Safety Solution provides a flexible platform for growth and is designed to facilitate compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other regulations, as well as improve operational efficiency. We started with our preconfigured SAP solution that incorporates leading practices for food and beverage enterprises and then enhanced it using OpenText technologies to link relevant content to your SAP business processes. Our solution is flexible and scalable and can be tailored to include corporate guidance and product attributes.

Solution capabilities

The solution is both flexible and robust. It comprises four components that can be deployed in a variety of ways to enhance your capabilities and augment your existing infrastructure.

Records management: Effective document management is central to complying with FSMA and other regulations, but many companies still rely on manual processes and paper-based storage systems. To help companies digitize their operations, and improve their process efficiency, we’ve put records management capabilities at the core of our solution. These digital capabilities allow users to manage records securely over the course of their lifecycles—across document capture, process integration, classification, contextual access, retention and disposition. And, via the OpenText repository, structured and unstructured content is directly integrated into SAP business processes, which expedites document discovery.

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Recall management with traceability: The impact of a recall is significant and far-reaching, ranging from the direct costs of customers notification, inventory write-off and legal costs to the indirect costs of incurring brand damage and loss of company goodwill. Our industry leading OpenText and SAP solution can improve supply chain visibility and optimize batch management, which is key to minimizing the impact of a recall. Our solution captures batch-related documents such as a certificate of analysis (CoA), shipping records and manufacturing details for ingredients and finished products throughout the supply chain and thereby allowing users to trace specific batch information backward and forward.

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CAPA: An effective CAPA process and system are essential for managing regulatory exposure and risk. This pre-configured component creates a one-stop-shop for recording incidents, initiating corrective actions, developing prevention plans, and documenting compliance with new procedures going forward. All related data and documents are integrated into the CAPA process via the OpenText repository. Moreover, the CAPA solution helps to achieve.

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Food safety audit management: Companies today encounter many audit scenarios, like customer audits, regulatory audits, supplier audits and internal facilities audits. By combining pre-configured, industry-standard audit management processes in conjunction with the OpenText repository, this solution component serves as a centralized hub for executing internal and external audits and managing all related documentation, including evidence and records as well as findings and recommendations. It aims to expedite audit processes across the board, helping organizations to demonstrate compliance with external regulations as well as to monitor adherence to internal quality standards.

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Food Quality and Safety Assessment and Roadmap

In today’s complex regulatory environment, it is hard to know where to begin in enhancing your company’s preparedness to respond quickly in the event of an audit, food safety incident, or recall. We can help you determine where your company stands in terms of compliance readiness and safety effectiveness through our Food Quality and Safety Assessment and Roadmap.