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Unleashing human potential

Diversity and Inclusion Services

Deloitte’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Center of Excellence changes the world by delivering cutting-edge solutions that engage diverse talent; build inclusive leaders; and foster innovative, courageous, and equitable cultures.

Christie Smith, retired managing principal Deloitte Consulting LLP, delivers groundbreaking TEDx Talk on ‘covering’, and how it impacts the success of individuals as well as the ability of organizations to innovate.

Transformation of the talent landscape

Our Values-Centered Approach for D&I

Our model leverages a values-centered approach, offering strategic guidance across six activators and the talent lifecycle, all core to realizing the business benefits of D&I.

Our differentiators


Inclusive leaders can set the tone and example for inclusive behavior across the organization. Through our leadership offerings, we enable leaders with cultural understanding and skills to put inclusion into practice throughout the organization.


Advanced analytics and innovative tracking tools are critical to accurately measure an inclusion strategy’s impact on culture and business strategy. Our analytics offerings generate meaningful, data-driven insights to measure progress against well-defined inclusion goals.


Collaboration is required to fully unleash human potential. Our interactive inclusion lab offerings accelerate strategy and execution by enabling rapid ideation, prototyping, immersive learning, and alignment to the strategic inclusion strategy.


A multi-generational workforce requires that learning is presented with multiple modalities and a focus on specific and meaningful learning objectives. Our learning offerings appeal to four unique learning modalities and focus on the employee experience, keeping it simple, fostering profound dialogue, and sparking personal commitments.

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Shaping the market through our thought leadership

Deloitte’s Leadership Center for Inclusion (LCI) has launched groundbreaking research that is changing the conversation on strategic inclusion.

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Christina Brodzik

Christina Brodzik

Senior Manager | Human Capital

As a senior manager in Deloitte Consulting LLP, Christina brings more than 15 years of experience in the Human Capital space. Christina focuses on Financial Services and Insurance and specializes in a... More