COVID-19 5x5: Crisis management

A five-minute read on crisis management insights and actions

With the significant challenges caused by COVID-19, many organizations are feeling overwhelmed and may be focusing too closely on their immediate crisis response instead of longer-term crisis management plans. In this first article in our new series, explore five insights to know and five actions you can take today to manage the current crisis and prepare for future events.

Crisis management

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event. But what’s really caught many people by surprise is how quickly things have unfolded. The sudden nature and wide-ranging impact of this crisis has brought to light the need to prepare for future novel events.

This quick summary provides some crisis response and management business insights and actions you can take today. On the PDF we’ve provided a link to a more detailed analysis within each insight and action, so you can dig deeper into any topic of interest.

5x5: Crisis management

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