Enterprise Fraud and Misuse Management

The analytical evolution of prevention

Many organizations across sectors have been victimized or may be vulnerable in some way to fraud, waste, and abuse. Our Enterprise Fraud and Misuse Management solution provides the ability to screen transactional activity for evidence of fraud in real-time and diagnose external fraud rings that may threaten an organization.

Bottom-line benefits

Deloitte’s EFM solutions provide cutting-edge capabilities to an organization to help guard against increasingly sophisticated foes. These real-time detective powers can be tailored to an organization’s specific requirements to provide the ability to help detect and identify fraud and misuse at an enterprise level.

Additional benefits may include:

  • Increasing regulatory compliance,potentially avoiding costly fees and penalties
  • Uncovering hidden patterns,trends,and schemes that traditional fraud detection methods may miss.
  • Measuring and helping Improve performance By monitoring potential inappropriate activity to identify  vulnerable areas of the organization.
  • Producing cost savings by reducing waste and abuse
Enterprise Fraud and Misuse Management

Banking Fraud