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Career Journey: Britt Campana

How a one-time accounting skeptic helps keep the US Navy on course 

What does it take to keep some of the world’s largest floating hospitals operating smoothly? Precision, and a level of orchestration that rivals the intricacies of many of the most challenging projects.

The best thing about this work is that there are no obvious answers. I am given a task, and then I design a research effort, start information gathering, or have conversations with subject matter specialists. It’s really about putting all these pieces together, then making sense of the process.

— Britt Campana, senior consultant, analytics, Risk & Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Data saves lives. No, really.

As a senior consultant specializing in analytics, Britt Campana helps clients untangle their data sets. She and her team analyze countless data streams, finds errors, and automates the process to help make sure the enormous amount of data feeding client financial management systems are accurate and effective. It’s the linchpin in helping her clients achieve audit readiness. And that is the linchpin in the running of our country’s most critical operations. Britt once doubted that she’d make a career of accounting and data. Now, the US Navy—with the two largest hospital ships in the world, each caring for over 1,000 patients at any given time—relies on the work she and her team does daily so that it can focus on its own. 

A whole other civic duty

At Deloitte, Britt works primarily for federal government clients. Now overseeing the technical aspects as a senior consultant, she’s stepped back from the various coding platforms she once jockeyed, and spends her time orchestrating the many moving parts of a project while also advising clients on processes for better optimization. Her job sounds like it entails quite a few moving parts, but she’ll tell you that she loves the feeling of starting an engagement. She compares it to looking into a black hole. And she’s proud that she has a role in making sense of where taxpayer dollars go, showing that they enable some very important missions, life-saving ones even. 

Moving fast

Britt is the first to admit that she didn’t exactly see a fit for herself in the world of analytics; but Deloitte’s culture of learning and growth have propelled Britt, and quickly. She points to the organization’s training as essential to her advancement. With her feet solidly under her now, she’s keenly aware of the opportunities the federal space offers, and she’s looking forward to the next challenge.

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