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Career Journey: Jason Alvarado

Helping shape an energy landscape

When he joined Deloitte, Jason Alvarado set out to get as much exposure to as many projects as possible. Even though he’s since found his niche in the power and utilities group, the exposure to new places and people is just as interesting. And challenging.

My team spends a lot of time in countries with shifting infrastructure, especially in power and utilities. It’s our role to work with leaders there to help pave the way for good economic decision-making. We form lasting friendships with them, too..

— Jason Alvarado, senior manager, Risk and Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Embracing the official unofficial

Emerging markets are just more interesting to Jason. There are unconventional players, political and historical angles, language barriers. And there’s also huge opportunity to help various geographies build valuable infrastructure. That’s not only good for the people who live there, it’s good for the world.

Beyond the boardroom

The work Jason does is delicate at times. Helping to work through the structure of utilities ownership, for example, goes beyond strict valuation. It involves putting together marketing and conferences, building relationships, and making connections between people who might not otherwise cross paths. It also requires an understanding that there are as many valid ways of doing things as there are countries dotting the globe.

What’s more, working in power and utilities means Jason is in the thick of an industry experiencing major technological innovation. He studies some of the biggest global changes on the horizon, like the burgeoning renewables business, viable battery storage, and new methods of extracting oil and gas. These are “not his grandmother’s solar panels from the '60s.”

Answers, on call

Along his way at Deloitte, Jason has done advisory work for prisons, banks, tire companies, and more. No matter the industry, Jason finds Deloitte’s significant breadth and depth to be key to his success with clients. He calls on colleagues across the organization with what can seem like the most obscure questions and—without fail—he finds someone with a well-informed answer.

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