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We recruit at more than 200 campuses nationwide

Interested in meeting us? Use the campus map to see if we recruit at your school. If your school isn't in our list, contact your career center or submit your resume directly. For a number of our campuses, we’ve created campus sites with additional information about our recruiting campus events and Deloitte school team. Links to those sites are included below - more coming soon!

Campus map

Use our interactive map to find out which campuses we visit.

Campus map

Central region

DePaul University

University of Chicago

Indiana University - Bloomington                  

University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Michigan State University

University of Iowa

Northwestern University

University of Kansas

Purdue University

University of Texas - Austin

University of Arkansas


East region

Boston College


Louisiana State University

Carnegie Mellon University


New York University

Drexel University


North Carolina State University

Duke University


State University of New York - Binghamton

Fordham University


University of Florida

Georgetown University


University of Maryland - College Park

Georgia Institute of Technology      


University of Pennsylvania

Harvard University


University of Virginia - Darden

Lehigh University


Villanova University

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