Ashley Babischkin

Life at Deloitte

Ashley Babischkin

Life and career in constant motion

“I was coordinating project initiatives for a 100-member team to on-board and off-board individuals for a large federal project. There was a day when a team member was rolling off the project and when he was saying goodbye, he wanted me to know the impact I had made on the team. He expressed that I truly helped improve each team member’s life by going above-and-beyond to support everyone on the project every day, no matter how big or small the task. That helped me see how my daily tasks truly influence other people’s lives.” — Ashley Babischkin, Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting LLP

One team

Ashley has been tap dancing since age three and still is today. “I found a great studio here in D.C., so I do that every Monday.” As her coworkers and friends can attest, it carries over to work and her daily life. “Every time you see me sitting in a chair or just standing by myself I am probably moving my feet. There have been times that I don't realize it and someone will tap me on the shoulder and ask, ‘What are you doing?’”

That’s how Ashley lives life - in constant motion. At the University of Delaware, Ashley changed her major seven times. She took two internships at a financial institution and “loved the people there,” she says, but sought more variety in the work. At a career fair, she approached Deloitte about a position in human capital consulting and wound up, instead, in technology. A lifelong New Yorker, she now loves D.C. “If you had asked me if I would be a technology consultant living in D.C. when I was in college, I never would have thought it, but I am so happy that is where I am today.”

As a consultant on her current project, Ashley works four days per week on the client site and Fridays at the Rosslyn office. She uses technology to help clients address a host of challenges. “Business technology consulting can be anything,” she says. That means she gets to work alongside a variety of people from other disciplines at Deloitte—strategy, human capital, enterprise risk management, finance—“everyone molds into one team.”


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Charlie Veers

Ashley’s first day:

“I remember opening my laptop and looking through my emails, and one of the first emails I saw was that I had been assigned to (a federal health care related) project. To me, it was the coolest option I could have had.”

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Always moving

Beyond the work, she’s found other things to love at Deloitte. “In general there is a lot expected of you, but you get a lot in return.” Through Deloitte, Ashley supports a strategic capture group in search of new business opportunities. She teaches SAT prep courses for sophomores and juniors from D.C. high schools. And she volunteers at an area community college helping foreign students to prepare for job interviews and placement.

She’s moving, always moving.

And in the end, that may be why Ashley chose Deloitte: “You can make your own career here,” she says. She adds that no matter what you want to do, the people and culture at Deloitte can help you make it happen. You can walk up to someone you don’t really know, tell them what you’re looking to do, and they’ll say, “Ok, cool, let me introduce you to this person. Let me help you.”

Ashley is a dog person. She has a Shih Tzu and a mutt she rescued from a shelter. She enjoys spending time and exploring the city. She lives in Arlington with two roommates who are also technology consultants at Deloitte. And though she’s always loved New York, she remains in “awe of how beautiful” D.C. is.


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#Ashley in 140-Characters or Less

“A NY-born avid tap dancer and University of Delaware alum transplanted to D.C. for federal technology consulting.”


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