Executive women in tech

Bridging the gap

​Gender parity in IT departments and across STEM fields is about more than being fair; many research studies suggest a business case for more gender-diverse technology teams and leadership. Through research, virtual events, and live experiences, we explore the impact women are making in technology, identify steps to foster inclusive and productive IT cultures, and support career progression for women CIOs and tech leaders.

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Cracking the code: How CIOs are redefining mentorship to advance diversity and inclusion

CIOs are increasingly turning to forms of mentorship to help attract, promote, and retain women in the workplace. An effective mentorship and sponsorship approach can also help CIOs eventually win the IT talent war.

Executive Women in Tech Connect event

Our second annual event brought together women CIOs of the largest public and private organizations in March, closely following International Women's Day. Through inspiring keynotes, panels, breakouts, and interactive networking sessions, we focused on ways that women technology leaders can successfully guide their organizations through disruption with courage, curiosity, and confidence.

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IT diversity and inclusion done right: Repairing the talent pipeline

Gender diversity and inclusion initiatives can bring numerous, quantifiable benefits, but success can be challenging and require new ways of thinking, collaborating, leading, and networking. What are leading IT teams doing right, and what can others do to ensure progress?

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Missing Pieces Report: The 2018 Board Diversity Census of Women and Minorities on Fortune 500 Boards

This multiyear study published by the Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD), in collaboration with Deloitte for the 2016 and 2018 censuses, provides powerful metrics on the slow change of diversity in the boardroom, and may help encourage corporate boards to continue to embrace the benefits of diverse board composition. Though still a slow pace in relation to the rapidly shifting demographics in the US, the shifts point towards greater diversity in America’s board rooms.

Analysis about Fortune 500 boards with over 40 percent diversity doubled since 2012

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Missing Pieces Report: The 2018 Board Diversity Census

Repairing the pipeline: Perspectives on diversity and inclusion in IT

Gender diversity and inclusion initiatives have taken center stage in IT organizations. But success in this area isn't consistent across all companies. What are IT teams doing right, and what can others do to ensure progress is being made?

This CIO Insider, the second in Deloitte's special edition series focused on executive women in IT, will review the status of diversity and inclusion initiatives (D&I) in IT based on data and insights from Deloitte's US CIO Program, share the success stories of CIOs who have broken ground in this area, and explore the latest trends including:

  • Goals, metrics, and accountability in diversity hiring
  • Inclusive cultures that encourage different ways of thinking and working
  • Career development opportunities
  • How to engage all groups in equality discussions
  • Leading practices from industry leaders

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