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Bridging the gap for greater gender representation

Gender diversity in technology and across STEM fields is about more than being fair; many research studies suggest a business case for more gender-diverse technology teams and leadership. Through research, virtual events, and live experiences, we explore the impact women are making in technology, identify steps to foster inclusive and productive IT cultures and support career progression for women CIOs and tech leaders.

Read our collection of research on diversity and inclusion in tech

Supporting the next generation of female STEM leaders with The Ella Project

Deloitte and The Ella Project have joined forces to create a comic book series and mentorship network geared toward encouraging girls as young as elementary school to pursue STEM education. The graphic novel series, Ella the Engineer, features comic book character Ella solving various problems using her STEM skillset under the guidance of various Deloitte leaders.

Read the three issues that are now available, featuring Deloitte leaders, Janet Foutty, Nishita Henry, and Catherine Bannister.

Join us in inspiring new generations of female tech talent

Place an order to receive printed copies of Ella the Engineer and share them with a school or a young girl in your life. Complete the order form and email it back to the Deloitte support email.

Look back at our annual Executive Women in Tech Connect event

Our third annual event brought together women CIOs of the largest public and private organizations in February, preceding International Women's Day. Through inspiring keynotes, panel, group discussions, and interactive networking sessions, we explored ideas around the intersection of technology and human experience as it relates to tech leaders' organizations, customers, and employees.

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Diversity and inclusion: Accelerants for tech innovation and change?
Many CIOs and technology leaders recognize that tech teams with diverse backgrounds and mindsets can support innovation objectives and effectively drive transformational growth. By openly sharing perspectives, focusing on user-centric design, and consciously exploring potential outcomes, a diverse organization can help companies avoid inadvertent bias that can derail future offerings.

March 5 | 1 p.m. ET

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