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Customer outcomes: Cornerstone of exponential growth

Moving toward a customer outcome-centric strategy

As B2B customer expectations change, pivoting to a customer outcome-centric approach to drive customer success can help enterprises accelerate growth and achieve higher customer lifetime value.

Helping B2B technology companies evolve toward a customer outcome-centric strategy

Increased adoption of cloud-based technologies has changed expectations for the B2B customer experience. Customers are shifting from evaluating technology providers solely on the basis of product features to more nuanced criteria of how the provider’s product can enable them to maximize business outcomes. As cloud technologies and as-a-service models lower barriers to switching providers, technology producers must focus on how their products and services can help customers realize their business goals. This will enable technology providers to expand their customer relationships and convert customers into brand advocates.

Visualizing an integrated customer-outcomes acceleration system

Our market experience, research, and data show how leading organizations are increasing their focus on customer outcomes. The framework shown here illustrates an integrated system that closes the vision/execution gap and identifies the elements needed to craft and operationalize a customer-outcomes strategy that integrates key functions across the organization. The system can be visualized as a “customer-outcomes galaxy,” with customer outcomes being the center around which everything else revolves.

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