Positioning utilities to win the battle for talent

The evolving utility landscape

A confluence of factors is shaping the future of the utility industry. Advances in smart grid, distributed generation, microgrids, and energy storage are revolutionizing the energy business, which necessitates a new talent profile. With a rapidly aging workforce, it will be critical that utilities can identify the right talent pool and adequately recruit, hire, retain, and develop them.

The evolving utility landscape

Though industry insiders know that this is an exciting time for the sector, the industry maintains its static public image: old fashioned, lacking innovation, and slow to adapt. This makes it difficult to attract and retain the talent of skilled technologists and technicians who are required not only to replace the rapidly aging workforce, but also to position utility companies to keep pace with the digital revolution and address future needs.

The new talent profile

Utilities need electrical engineers with an understanding of power and emerging technologies; technologists who are knowledgeable in software-based programming; and candidates who can adapt to change. Willingness to adapt and seek out challenges will be especially important as technology changes, constantly shifting roles and responsibilities both in the office and in the field. The reality is that utility companies are traditionally ill-equipped to recruit, retain, and develop the technologists and technicians they need for the future. By creatively addressing some common key challenges, utilities can position themselves to win this battle for talent.

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