A power and utilities perspective: Tech Trends 2019

Beyond the digital frontier

How does an industry that’s synonymous with reliability embrace disruption? For power and utilities companies, the pace of technology change brings a nonstop stream of questions, challenges, and opportunities. Meanwhile, change is also a constant in areas like regulation, external threats, and consumer expectations. To carry out their mandates, leaders in the industry need to understand technology trends and remain a step ahead of them.


Focused, industry-relevant insights, from inside and outside their sphere, are critical in making this happen. This guide can help. It provides an industry-specific perspective on Deloitte’s Technology Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier report.

With this publication, we examine several important trends through the lens of the power and utilities industry—also touching on the macro technology forces at play and how modern businesses can navigate digital transformation. These forces are actively shaping strategic and operational transformations, redefining IT’s role within the enterprise, and forcing business leaders to reimagine what it means to operate in a digitally driven global economy.

From the core to the periphery, changes in technology are changes to this industry. New tools can help enhance the efficacy, resilience, and security of distribution grids while amplifying insights that can be derived from smart meters. Customer relationships and call center operations can become more personalized and more cost-efficient at the same time. Adopting new technology brings the talent challenge of hiring for new skills, but it can also reinvent elements of training and certification for talent across every role.

Through real-world examples and key considerations, this publication should help power and utilities leaders gain a clearer view of what lies ahead and fresh ideas for how they can shape that future to meet their fast-changing needs.

This year’s 2019 tech trends are:

  • Macro technology forces at work
  • AI-fueled organizations
  • NoOps in a serverless world
  • Connectivity of tomorrow
  • Intelligent interfaces
  • Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined
  • DevSecOps and the cyber imperative
  • Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future

For more information on each trend, including specific examples of how power and utilities organizations are putting the trends into action, download the full report.

2019 Tech Trends for the power and utilities industry