Rethink your talent strategy to help accelerate cloud value

Part of the For Cloud Professionals podcast series

Driving value in the cloud, or any disruptive environment, requires new ideas and adaptation to constant change. Companies that build diverse workforces, get stakeholder buy-in, and relentlessly manage cultural change will be in a position to thrive amidst the disruption.

Cloud value comes through building an inclusive workforce and managing disruptive change

Many companies struggle with technology in general, and cloud migration in particular. What’s needed is a fresh perspective—a new look at how to accelerate what’s possible. Savvy companies understand that to be able to drive increased value, they should increase diversity in the tech workforce. They also recognize the need to better understand and navigate the massive disruptions and cultural changes that come with their cloud computing journey. In this episode, David Linthicum and guest, industry thought leader Rashim Mogha, discuss ways companies can build a more inclusive, diverse workforce and manage the disruption that comes with digital transformation. Mogha’s recipe for success: Give everyone a seat at the table, automate, manage disruption, and focus relentlessly on building an adaptive culture from the top down.

You need to be able to have lots of talented people from everywhere who are able to contribute to the success of the organization, and I explain it as a business problem...that requires some systemic changes.

Rashim Mogha is an influencer, a thought leader, a best-selling author, a speaker, a Women in Tech evangelist, and a technology leader. Her extensive career portfolio includes leadership roles in companies such as Automation Anywhere, Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Vmware.

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Taming cloud complexity chaos

The cloud's value proposition is almost limitless, but complexity can hamper success. Work to tame it by increasing agility while focusing on improved governance, automation, and data architecture.

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From diversity to inclusion

Many organizations are wowed by new cloud technologies and deploy them to solve specific issues. Instead of getting the magic bullet they hope for, sometimes they only add to their cloud complexity. However, one key to cloud success is a sound strategy that drives business value.

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Realizing the transformative power of the cloud

For Cloud Professionals: Hosted by David Linthicum and designed for cloud professionals, this podcast gives you the straight talk on cloud computing. From what’s going on in the industry, the impact of cloud in the enterprise to how it can enable business transformation–it’s all covered here.

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