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Taming cloud complexity chaos

Part of the For Cloud Professional series

The cloud's value proposition is almost limitless, but as deployments become more complex, cloud complexity can degrade that value. To manage cloud complexity effectively, leading practices include increasing agility while focusing on improved governance, automation, and data architecture.

Reducing cloud complexity for increased business value

As companies progress further in their cloud maturity journey, their cloud architectures are becoming more complex, and that complexity can sometimes lead to negative returns from cloud deployment models. However, the tremendous cloud value proposition—and the strategic importance of cloud computing in business—makes it worthwhile to utilize cloud computing best practices and governance principles to effectively manage complexity and obtain higher returns on cloud investments. In this episode, David Linthicum sits down with Bala Rajaraman to discuss leading practices in cloud complexity management and ways companies can use them to leverage cloud computing for increased business value.

Discipline is going to be really important. Without that discipline it's going to descend into that it'll reduce both the velocity of movement to the cloud but also the value that can be extracted from it.

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Diagnosing cloud complexity: Recognize the symptoms in your organization

The cloud promises to lower costs and increase agility. But the growing complexity of multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and legacy systems can hold you back and reduce returns on cloud investments.

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Is your cloud architecture too complex?

We’re living in a world of “hardware hoarders,” where nothing gets pushed out the door even though the core applications have migrated. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second is finding an effective framework to fix it.

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Three Things that could Destroy Your Cloud Migration Project

Cloud deployments aren’t easy. No project sails smoothly, without rough waters. But three things: lack of resources, lack of objectiveness, and lack of talent, can sink your project long before it has a chance to prove its worth.

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