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Proactively plan, monitor, and control plant growth to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency of your utility infrastructure.

Deloitte’s Field Services Vegetation Management solutions help utility organizations manage infrastructure risk, infrastructure assets, enhance operational efficiency, and streamline vegetation management processes through advanced planning, monitoring, and control.

Growing need for utilities vegetation management

Ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the infrastructure around power lines, pipelines, and transportation corridors is a never-ending job. Deloitte’s tools help utilities to:

Ten key benefits of predictive vegetation management

By leveraging innovations such as drones, satellite surveillance, and predictive models with AI and machine learning, utility providers can improve:

  1. Predictive maintenance: Automate analytics to manage vegetation and infrastructure assets
  2. Mapping: Improve access and viewing options for maps and overlay information, and track devices in the field
  3. Scheduling and dispatching: Plan and assign work, and create schedules for upcoming work
  4. Queues and prioritization: View work queues with more clearly displayed priorities
  5. Work orders: Capture information related to the individual work order for inspections and mitigations
  6. Constraint management: Escalate and manage third-party constraints on work
  7. Customer information: Record, source, access, and display information related to customers affected by work
  8. Ongoing reporting: Report on information gathered or recorded in the platform
  9. Inbox and messaging: Communicate within the platform between users outside of information captured on work orders
  10. Time and expenses: Create expense requests, track time, and map time /expenses to work completed

Putting vegetation management solutions to work

View a short demo of how Deloitte’s Field Service Vegetation Management Solution enables utilities to effectively plan, coordinate and execute end-to-end vegetation management activities.

Plan, coordinate, and execute the ideal vegetation management system

Deloitte’s Field Services solutions for vegetation management offer an end-to-end approach to empower utility companies with capabilities that cover an entire operational spectrum.


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