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Deloitte helps clients harness their technology to achieve desired outcomes and drive value. If Microsoft technology is a part of your journey, we can help you convert its capabilities into business advantage.

Azure Hybrid Cloud

Run workloads seamlessly and safely across the core, cloud, and edge.

Like most organizations, your enterprise keeps some data and applications on premises—which makes sense for cost, latency, or security reasons. At the same time, a cloud-first strategy can help you realize breakthrough results and impact. Our business-led, application-focused approach allows us to deliver agile, Hybrid Azure Cloud solutions, giving you the portability and visibility you need to run workloads seamlessly and safely across core, cloud, and edge environments.

App Modernization and Migration

Innovate, unlock value streams, and reduce operational costs.

Modernization and migration takes more than just transitioning legacy technology and processes to cloud. It involves strategic redirection and understanding of how cloud can reveal new potential and deliver competitive advantage. We look at the big picture first—starting with your desired business outcomes and how to leverage cloud-native capabilities—to create a strategy with innovation at its core. Then, we develop an approach to accelerate the realization of those value streams.

Analytics and AI

Connect data with business value in ways you never imagined.

As the world moves relentlessly to “cloud first,” the ability to ingest, integrate, and harmonize data—and gain insights—is becoming more important. We help you accomplish this with an integrated, secure ecosystem at speed and scale. This is critical to transforming your business into a cloud-centric, insights-driven organization—one that can make the most of the seamless and elastic nature of Azure’s integration with the data, applications, and technology infrastructure you’re already familiar with and invested in.

Intelligent Edge and IoT

Unleash the power of the intelligent edge.

By instrumenting an intelligent edge, we help you streamline business processes and connected operations, move edge devices and computational power closer to end users, and manage these devices from the cloud. You can connect, capture, and analyze real-time operational data from telemetry or connected edge devices. You can also predict machine maintenance, automate workflows, and improve customer experiences. By easily tuning business models, you can create and enhance revenue streams and improve profitability.

SAP on Azure

Your business and market aren’t static. Your ERP can’t be, either.

The ”built to last” approach is no longer sufficient to meet the current demands of rapidly changing markets and technology, nor is it sufficient for unpredictable future changes. Think instead of a “built to evolve” approach if you choose Azure cloud and choose to move to SAP S/4HANA. Deloitte orchestrates an ecosystem both broad and deep to ensure that all your ERP-related technology and talent resources have flexibility, innovation and adaptability coded into every facet.

Microsoft Business Applications Services

Transform your organization, one application at a time.

In order to transform your business workflows, including marketing, sales, field service, finance, supply chain, and human resources, you may need to leverage the broad portfolio of Microsoft applications. We provide advisory, implementation, and operate services across the Microsoft business applications landscape. We help you tap into all the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform to customize and streamline large, complex CRM and ERP applications or while leveraging one of Microsoft’s Industry Clouds.

Modern Workplace

Empower your workforce while reducing risk.

A global pandemic has sparked a collective rethinking around productivity and improving the work experience. Increasingly, organizations must support a hybrid work model and meet the expectations of a new generation while reducing risk. We help modernize and unlock greater value from your technology infrastructure, allowing your employees to work collaboratively and securely—anywhere, anytime.


Secure your Microsoft Cloud. Enhance your business agility.

Security concerns can slow cloud adoption or even bring it to a halt. Your organization may be challenged to respond quickly to security breaches and comply with regulatory requirements, as well as manage and secure employee life cycle data. You may also need to recruit and retain cloud security talent in a highly competitive market. With the world’s largest cybersecurity practice, we can help you safeguard essential business functions and address risk in an ever-changing threat landscape.


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