The future of mobility and changes to the health care industry


The Future of Mobility and Changes to the Health Care Industry

Technology innovation transforms health care trends

The emergence of connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles will profoundly and rapidly transform the health care industry more quickly than you may think.

Future of mobility

The emergence of connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles will profoundly and rapidly transform the health care industry more quickly than you may think. The impact from driverless cars will be felt on everything from care delivery to supply chains to facilities location and design. Deloitte’s Future of Mobility and Health Care teams join forces to help clients navigate the future of mobility landscape, enabling them to shape their future rather than be shaped by it.

Creating value in the new mobility environment

Payers, providers, and property and casualty insurers that capitalize on the rapid pace of mobility innovation and technology trends in health care can transform their organizations to embrace disruption. But they need to act now, before the momentum becomes unstoppable.

We work across the mobility and health care ecosystems to develop strategies that capitalize on evolving trends—such as distributed care networks, changing consumer behavior and mobility patterns, and alternative supply chain solutions—and we collaborate with clients to reposition them for competitive advantage. The Future of Mobility will transform health care delivery, accelerating the use of distributed care models and changing where new facilities are built and how they are designed.

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Business transformation
Our deep understanding of the future of mobility, coupled with our experience in health care, underpin a powerful approach to transformative strategy. We help our clients solidify their strategies, whether it’s enabling them to find the right mobility partners or piloting innovative health care delivery or reimbursement solutions.
Ecosystem engineering
We work with clients to help navigate the disruptive technology trends in health care delivery and mobility—like driverless cars—that will radically alter everything from the site of care to who delivers care and how. In the process, we enable clients to stake out robust, sustainable, and competitive positioning, whether they are an emerging or established player.
                                Analytics and digital solutions
Leveraging analytics and digital capabilities, we help health care clients build and deliver solutions that enable improved health outcomes at the population and individual level, from developing mobility as a service (MaaS) platforms to support care access to managing and monitoring patients in an increasingly distributed health care delivery ecosystem.

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