Understanding the six forces and their implications shaping the consumer industry

A part of the Future of Consumer series on That Makes Cents

Hear from industry luminaries on how consumer companies should chart their paths forward despite the pressures of a “once-in-a-century economic, social, and technological transition.”

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A look into the six forces and their implications shaping the consumer industry

As stated in our Future of the consumer study, “Change is a staple of humanity, and nowhere is the velocity of change more evident than in the consumer industry.” How should consumer companies perceive this change? What should consumer industry executives consider beyond their shareholder value while addressing this change?

In this episode, Anthony Waelter, Deloitte’s US Consumer Industry leader, and Alisa Locricchio, senior manager with Deloitte Consulting, provide a preview into the six forces to understand the next decade of change including the implications of exponential tech, changing consumer, and more.

In this time of significant transition, consumers are demanding companies to do more than just meet their basic needs and increase shareholder wealth. So, rather, they expect something far greater, and [it] really breaks down to an unwavering commitment to people, purpose, the planet, in addition to prosperity. So, in short, consumers are buying into better, and buying into better will require us to make aspirational choices.

— Anthony Waelter, vice chair and US Consumer Industry leader, Deloitte LLP

Tune into this series to hear from industry luminaries discussing the findings of an extensive yearlong study on the future of the consumer industry. From the forces shaping the industry in the next decade to their implications on markets, models, and mechanics, we discuss it all.

Our next episode in this series will delve into the evolution of digital goods and services and its impact on company growth and consumer wallets. Stay tuned!

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