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Tax considerations on offshoring to Asia – China vs. India

Over the years, the scope of offshoring by US MNCs to Asia has evolved from transactional skills to more vital aspects of business, such as innovation, digital skills, value creation, and high maturity work. As part of their business strategy, US MNCs continue to focus on offshoring to Asia. In this webcast, we’ll focus on tax aspects within China and India. Participants will receive an update of key tax considerations and insights aimed to support strategic decision-making.

China Issues
June 17
11 a.m. ET
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State transfer pricing audits: The case for planning ahead

Many states’ revenues have dwindled during the pandemic, so some tax authorities are increasing their enforcement of related-party transaction laws. How can tax executives prepare for novel approaches to state transfer pricing audits? Participants will identify potential pitfalls in navigating state transfer pricing audits and explore practical ways to prepare for audit defense and planning.