Analytics in Action: Fraud

Using advanced analytics to combat fraud, corruption, waste, and abuse

The Digital Age has transformed every aspect of business, including how fraud is perpetrated and discovered. Fraudulent activities cost organizations millions of dollars in time and money, while placing proprietary corporate and customer information at risk. Specific data that may indicate illegal, abusive, or corrupt activity is often difficult to detect, increasing the need for advanced analytics techniques to uncover complex, sophisticated schemes and prevent their recurrence. The ability to explore and graphically represent big data (and little data) can bring clarity to pressing corporate concerns, helping to protect vital resources and reputations.

Analytics Answers - Fraud

While fraud can appear as a “faint signal” buried in an organization’s data, its impact can run deep and cross the entire organization.  In the past, companies often chased down fraud after the fact in an attempt to mitigate damage, but today, with the help of data, it’s possible to detect and head off fraud before its full potential impact is achieved.  Deloitte’s Analytics Answers are fraud-focused solutions that can help identify patterns and anomalous behaviors hidden deep in large data sets, in near-real time.  Find out more about our individual fraud-focused analytics solutions here.  


uDetect can help state UI agencies harness the power of their data to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. With uDetect, state UI agencies gain analytic and predictive modeling capabilities that can help identify likely fraud or overpayments early—providing more time for interventions that could help recover or prevent overpayments. Download PDF.

Dynamic Review

Dynamic Review employs a layered approach of filtering, analytics, text categorization and validation to inform decision-making, leading to better, more informed document review decisions. Using results and recommendations, users are able to better organize and prioritize reviews, enhance quality control, further reduce the document population, and allocate resources more effectively.

For attorneys and other legal professionals, Dynamic Review allows them to focus their energies on the more useful documents, reducing the total time and cost associated with eDiscovery and litigation. These analytics tools can help your attorneys present a defense that is more effective, transparent, and insightful. Download PDF.

Enterprise Fraud & Misuse Management

Deloitte’s EFM solutions provide cutting-edge capabilities to an organization to help guard against increasingly sophisticated and nefarious bad actors. These real-time detective powers can be tailored to an organization’s specific requirements to provide the ability to help detect and identify fraud and misuse at an enterprise level. Download PDF.

Additional benefits may include:

  • Increased regulatory compliance, potentially avoiding costly fees and penalties.
  • Uncover hidden patterns, trends, and schemes that traditional fraud detection methods may miss.
  • Measure and help improve performance by monitoring potential inappropriate activity to identify vulnerable areas of the organization.  
  • Cost savings by reducing waste and abuse.

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