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Enterprise Science

The science of business

Enterprise Science can transform data into predictive signals that inform solutions to your complex business problems.

Cracking the code on complex problems

In the age of big data, extracting value from large data sets remains a daunting challenge—and top priority—for organizations in virtually every industry. Growing volumes of data streaming into and across the enterprise are ripe with possibilities, but human intellect isn’t enough to parse, interpret, and discern hidden value.

Leveraging these ever-expanding data streams to deliver meaningful insights into real-time workflows takes more than experience and good instinct. It takes techniques pioneered in the field of science. These include scientific approaches like bio-informatics and DNA sequencing, combined with capabilities like machine learning, natural language processing, and text analytics.

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Delivering on science

Using Deloitte’s innovative, end-to-end science-driven analytics capabilities, global organizations have substantially improved customer retention and acquisition, transformed service and logistics practices, reduced operating costs, improved asset utilization, and reduced risk. Our four-step approach to Enterprise Science leverages multiple competencies:

  1. Problem Identification formulates the exact business challenge, prompting data discovery using structured and unstructured client and external data
  2. Ingestion and Transformation aggregates, scrubs, and interprets the data, which enables signal discovery
  3. Science Automation deploys the algorithms required to help solve recurring, high-value business questions
  4. Solution Integration puts analytical outcomes into action by providing insights for smarter decisions

The business of science

Deloitte’s science-led approach draws on our large, interdisciplinary scientific community of academics and researchers. Additionally, our experience in data visualization helps us deliver the recommended action to the right decision-makers in a workflow that best captures value whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Rapid results: Market-tested scientific approaches generate insights quickly. Replicable methods targeted to specific business questions deliver fast, iterative value.
  • Flexible and transparent: An assortment of algorithms are aligned to the specific challenges and data environment of the organization.
  • End-to-end: Guided approach lets us work with clients at every step to deploy technology, science, and workflow integration that evolves with the business.
  • Backed by Deloitte: Consulting services help businesses manage change and reduce risk and complexity across technology, strategy and operations, and human capital.
  • Marketing data science: Emerging data science methods, from micro-segmentation to natural language processing, are being applied to large data sets in real-time to create a new marketing advantage.