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Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions

Energy tops the agenda for governments and businesses around the world. Fluctuating demand, constrained supply, volatile commodity prices, and changing regulatory environments are a few of the critical issues contributing to the complexities of today’s energy industry. The Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions provides comprehensive solutions and services to help companies navigate through this environment to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

The Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions

Innovative ideas. Industry collaboration. Insightful research. Comprehensive solutions.

About the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions

The Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions (the “Center”) provides a forum for innovation, thought leadership, groundbreaking research, and industry collaboration to help companies solve the most complex energy challenges.

Through the Center, Deloitte’s Energy & Resources group leads the debate on critical topics on the minds of executives—from the impact of legislative and regulatory policy, to operational efficiency, to sustainable and profitable growth. We provide comprehensive solutions through a global network of specialists and thought leaders.

With locations in Houston and Washington, DC, the Center offers interaction through seminars, roundtables, and other forms of engagement where established and growing companies can come together to learn, discuss, and debate.

How the Center can serve you

Energy tops the agenda for governments and businesses around the world. Fluctuating demand, evolving supply, volatile commodity prices, and changing regulatory environments are a few of the critical issues contributing to the complexities of today’s energy industry.

The Center provides comprehensive insights and services to help companies meet their goals through several means:
  • Provides a forum for industry executives to discuss the latest trends and issues
  • Creates dialog between policy makers and industry leaders
  • Shares ideas and best practices from within the energy industry and from other industries affected by energy challenges
  • Brings together Deloitte energy industry professionals across disciplines—audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services—to develop and deliver comprehensive solutions and services to help our clients solve their most complex challenges
  • Establishes alliances and partnerships with organizations that deliver value to the energy industry
  • Delivers research from Deloitte, and in some instances, a combination of Deloitte and academic organizations on topics relevant to the industry
  • Provides industry insights through annual industry conferences
  • Leverages state-of-the-art videoconferencing facilities for presentations from Deloitte subject matter advisors around the world

Collaboration with our clients to best understand their needs is at the core of our approach to offering solutions and services.

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The Center works with oil and gas, chemicals, power and utilities, renewable energy companies, and industrial products manufacturers

Through Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Risk and Financial Advisory, Risk Management, and Tax services, the Deloitte Energy, Resources & Industrials team provides comprehensive services and solutions to help move businesses forward.


Industry sectors

Renewable Energy

Few industries impact global economic livelihood, societal functioning, and quality of life as significantly as the energy industry. Few industries face as many challenges. A number of daunting factors are again leading many inside and outside the energy industry to embrace renewable energy as a solution—or, perhaps, more accurately—a critical piece of the solution. Renewable energy sources are making inroads in our national energy mix and that progress is likely to continue. It’s not a matter of whether the US renewable energy market will grow—it’s how fast and by how much.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Deloitte’s US Oil, Gas & Chemicals practice helps energy clients address critical challenges and execute initiatives designed to further their strategic objectives, delivering value for their investors.

Power & Utilities

The dynamics of global energy demand, supply, and infrastructure dependencies have undergone more change in recent years than at any time since the 1970s. Deloitte provides insights and services to help power and utilities companies navigate the challenges and opportunities in today’s environment.



Deloitte Renewable Energy Seminar

The Deloitte Renewable Energy Seminar examines the future of renewable energy. Discussions at the seminar underscore the growing role renewable energy must play if America is to address climate change and energy security.

Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference

Deloitte is dedicated to providing clients and the oil and gas industry with insights on emerging topics by hosting energy executives, political leaders, investors, and industry analysts for an in-depth view of key developments and challenges facing today’s global and domestic energy markets. During this one-day event, participants will hear from a cross section of energy industry speakers on important issues shaping the oil and gas industry.

Deloitte Power & Utilities Fall Seminar

  • Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Tax Update
    During the first day of the seminar, Deloitte’s energy specialists focus on industry technical accounting and tax issues to assist participants in preparing for calendar year-end accounting, reporting, and tax requirements.
  • Controllership’s Role in Driving the “Digital Utility” 
    Day two focuses on the role the controllership can play in addressing the evolving opportunities and challenges presented by the move towards the “Digital Utility” of the future.

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The Center's thought leadership

Don't miss any of the latest reports released from the Center about oil and gas, chemicals, power and utilities, and renewable energy trends and news.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Power & Utilities

Renewable Energy

Upcoming and archived industry Dbriefs

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