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5x5: Digital health challenges and risks

A five-minute read on mitigating risks in digital health management

As consumers are looking for ways to manage their health, many life sciences organizations are exploring digital platforms to help meet these consumer demands. While these tech-enabled solutions bring benefits to consumers, they also introduce new risks to the developers. Explore five actions organizations can take to manage the risks related to these digital health assets.

Digital health risk management strategies

A new health care consumer continues to emerge: Patients are better informed, and they want the ability to manage their health via tech-enabled solutions. Many life sciences organizations are exploring or expanding digital platforms—such as wellness applications and fitness trackers—to help meet these consumer demands.

While these platforms present many benefits to patients, digital health assets introduce a new risk profile for life science companies. This quick summary provides insights and actions you can use today to help you determine whether your assets are developed and deployed within the “guardrails” of this highly regulated industry.

5x5: Digital health challenges and risks

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