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Legal department modernization

Taking legal operations to the next level

Corporate legal departments are increasingly being asked to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Legal is also seeing the wall come down between its function and the business, with rigid silos being replaced by integrated solutions.

The future of corporate legal

As in-house lawyers transition to become more strategic business partners, what will the future of corporate legal look like? While that may be different at every organization, legal departments should start forming their vision for the future—and strategies to help get them there.

Explore the results of our 2020 Legal Operations Survey

Forces at work: Trends in legal operations

Today’s CLOs aren’t just responsible for delivering legal advice and adeptly navigating enterprise risk. They also have to:

How do surveyed CLOs expect their roles to continue to evolve?

What’s holding legal departments back from contributing more value to their organizations?

Oxford Economics and Deloitte Development LLC, unpublished research undertaken as part of “Optimizing Value from the Legal Team,” May 10, 2018.

Gearing up efficiencies

By leveraging the right resources, aligning work to the right role, and highlighting the value they can bring to the organization, legal departments can be better prepared to realize their legal strategies and manage legal risk for the business:

Finding your place on the legal operations maturity curve

Legal transformation is a big concept. Successful evolution requires sustained and intentional progression. But where do you start?

Setting your transformation into motion
Deloitte can help you assess where your legal department is on the maturity scale with an in-depth analysis of your people, process, and technology. By centralizing and analyzing key data points, you’ll have insights on ways to develop a legal transformation strategy, prioritize opportunities for improvement, and foster adoption with key stakeholders and teams.

Our information gathering, workshops, and analysis of your legal operations landscape can help you move your legal department along the maturity scale at a pace tailored to your needs. We will present you with insights to help you identify and analyze key operating areas, highlight opportunities for near-term return on investment, and discuss insights into areas of interest for legal strategic objectives.

How does your legal department stack up on the maturity scale?

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