Turnaround & Restructuring 5x5: Actionable insights

Everything you need to know about corporate restructuring

Whether your goal is to enhance already positive performance or navigate complex bankruptcy reorganization, check out these quick-take articles on corporate restructuring and turnaround strategies to help you move forward with confidence.

Applying M&A rigor to wind down situations

Any number of situations can result in a company’s needing to exit a business—and sometimes there is no real prospect of finding a buyer. If it can’t be fixed, funded, or sold, it’s time to wind the business down.

Applying M&A rigor to wind down situations 5x5: Insights and actions


Working capital improvement

All companies can benefit from a focus on improving their conversion of cash by improving the order-to-cash, forecast-to-fulfill, and procure-to-pay working capital processes. Companies typically have a significant amount of cash tied up on their balance sheets and (based on our experience) may potentially realize ~10% to 30% or more of cash improvements across these working capital cycles.

Working capital improvement

Turnaround & Restructuring

The idea of restructuring, like any change, can feel intimidating. Whether experiencing times of disruption or looking to improve company performance, many management teams are already at capacity.

Having specialized knowledge of specific business issues assists management to pinpoint where to start and the steps on which companies should focus in order to help achieve the company’s goals.

Turnaround & Restructuring 5x5

Fresh Start accounting services

Recording emergence from bankruptcy is a complex and demanding accounting challenge. Understanding the chapter 11 reorganization process and the related technical accounting requirements can be overwhelming to
many management teams. Completing the process efficiently can help management move forward and focus on the operations of the newly reorganized business.

Fresh Start accounting services

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